Oklahoma State University
College of Human Environmental Sciences

About Us

The College of Human Sciences has a rich tradition of applying scientific principles and creative advancements to enhance human well-being and improve the quality of life. We live in a time where educated, innovative individuals will be called upon to solve serious issues that impact the human condition. This tradition and focus remain at the heart of our teaching, research and discovery, and outreach today.

The intricacies of the human condition require multiple disciplines and approaches working together to discover knowledge to improve health and well being. The College of Human Sciences brings four seemingly-unconnected disciplines together to impact the human condition by addressing the challenges we face as individuals, families and communities. The three departments– Design, Housing and Merchandising; Human Development and Family Science; Nutritional Sciences -and the School of Hotel and Restaurant Administration provide solutions to everyday concerns and complex challenges.

Our efforts in human sciences reflect Oklahoma State University’s land-grant mission to extend our educational resources to the state, the nation and beyond. The College of Human Sciences intends to promote and fully support this mission as faculty, students and staff work together to fulfill the college motto to solve human problems and enhance human lives.

Oklahoma State University Diversity Statement