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Study Abroad and International Opportunities

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Study Abroad and International Opportunities

The College of Human Sciences strongly encourages students to participate in a study abroad program during their undergraduate degree. Not only can an abroad experience broaden one's perspective and increase confidence, but it can also contribute to one's skill of learning and working in a diverse setting - a skill that is valued in the professional work environment.

Early planning is key! Students who are interested in studying abroad should talk to their academic adviser very early in their academic career (i.e., freshman year), especially if they are considering a semester-long or year-long study abroad experience. The best time to study abroad is often determined by a student's specific degree plan. In general, however, most students who study abroad for an extended period (semester or year) will do so during their sophomore year before they are immersed in major-specific coursework, which is often difficult to find at universities abroad. Students should talk to their academic adviser about saving general education credits and elective credits for the semester or year abroad.

Students who would rather participate in a short-term study abroad experience during spring break, winter break, or summer can consider OSU Faculty-led programs or Affiliated/Approved programs.  For more information on the different types of study abroad programs, please click on the links below.

The four types of study abroad programs are:

Make an Appointment

Students are encouraged to make an appointment with the College of Human Sciences Study Abroad Specialist to discuss the different types of study abroad opportunities. Stop by 101 Human Sciences or call 405-744-5053 to schedule an appointment. Early planning is key! Start planning for your abroad experience today.

Recent and Upcoming Faculty-Led Study Abroad Opportunities in the College of Human Sciences

Explore the World: Costa Rica

March 11 - March 19, 2017
Fee: $3,100
(Enrollment is now closed)

For more information, contact:
Elizabeth Whitfield

Costa Rica

European Cuisine and Culture

May 15 - June 19, 2017
Fee: $5,100 + airfare and additional travel costs

For more information, contact:
Dr. Bill Ryan


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