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College of Human Environmental Sciences

Congratulations to BINGYUE WEI!

Date of Degree: DECEMBER, 2016
Major Field: Apparel Design and Production MS

Abstract: Fashion is like the high-speed rotation of a tire. Fashion trends change frequently; consumers purchase various fashion products according to their consumption behaviors and psychologies. Simultaneously, the fashion industry produces innumerable fashion products rapidly to fulfill consumers’ needs and, in turn, fuel financial profits. As a result, a large number of disposed clothing and textiles end up in landfills, contributing to the deterioration of our environment. I was guided by the sustainable design theories: “Cradle-to-cradle”, and “Emphatic Design”. I employed the “Transformational Design” sustainable fashion design method following the “Design Process” to development my fashion design collection. I addressed the problem of overconsumption by creating garments that can provide more styling options for consumers. This encourages to build a durable relationship with consumers in order to encourage consumers to reduce frequency of purchase.

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Graduate Students Work

Graduate Student Thesis Title Semester Graduated Degree
Balasubramanian, Mahendran Estimating Symmetry/Asymmetry in Human Torso: A Novel Computational Method Summer 2016 Ph.D.
Tanjil, Mostikim Designing of Hip Protectors for Elderly Women Spring 2016 MS
Das, Amoha The Influence of Internalized Homophobia and Anti-Effeminacy Attitudes on Gay Men's Fashion Involvement and Subsequent Preference for Masculine or Feminine Appearance Spring 2015 MS
Lang, Chunmin Exploring the Role of Personality in Consumer Adoption of Sustainable Apparel Product-Service Retail (SAPSR) Models Spring 2015 Ph.D.
Goudeau, Cynthia Ready-to-Tear? A Study on Fashion and Consumer Disposal Behavior Summer 2014 Ph.D.
Wadsworth-Miner, Lindsey coursework only Fall 2014 MS
Eike, Rachel Exploring Student Leaders for Sustainable Development: Leadership Components & Personal Practices Spring 2014 Ph.D.
Settles, Valerie Factors that Influence Property Ownership in Oklahoma Historic Districts Spring 2014 Ph.D.
Thompsen, Rebekah Socio-cultural Implications of Spatial Categorization in Middle Class American Homes, 1950-2010 Fall 2013 MS
Irick, Erin Examination of the Design Process of Repurposed Apparel and Accessories: An Application of Diffusion of Innovations Theory Fall 2013 Ph.D.
Kramp, Jessica Senior Cohousing: An Optimal Alternative for Aging in Place Fall 2012 MS
Croslin, Casey coursework only Summer 2012 MS
Winstead, Sarah coursework only Summer 2012 MS
Ko, Seung Predictors of Purchase Intention Toward Green Apparel Products in the U.S. and China Spring 2012 Ph.D.
Zhang, Xiaofei Designing a Sustainable Solution to Improve the Interior Lighting in Public Places for Older Adults in a Continuing Care Retirement Center Spring 2012 MS
McCullar, Lacy coursework only Fall 2011 MS
Kumwanda, Mariam An Examination of Factors Related to the Improvement of the Apparel Manufacturing Industry in Malawi Fall 2011 MS
Rader, Julie A Standard Measurement of Insulative Properties of Football Shoulder Pads Fall 2011 MS
Chaney, Sylvia Settled-in: Designing for Comfort in Older Adult Congregate Housing in Oklahoma Summer 2011 MS
Speck, Anne Marie Cost Comparison of Sustainable Versus Conventional Interior Finishes for a Luxury Hotel Suite prototype Spring 2011 MS
Agrawal, Virat coursework only Fall 2010 MS
Copeland, Jeanine Apparel Surface Design: Digitally Printing Photographs on Textiles Fall 2010 MS
McCully, Angela The Effects of Environmental Factors on Physical Activity of the Older Adult in Assisted Living Facilities Fall 2010 MS
Mui, Rachel A Study of Branding Techniques and Luxury Measurement Among Asian Designers Fall 2010 MS
Kumphai, Pimpawan University Technology Transfer in Textile and Apparel Fall 2010 Ph.D.
Dillard, Cheryl Case Study of a Renovation of a Satellite College Foodservice Concept According to the United States Green Building Council's LEED Rating System Summer 2010 MS
Ramkumar, Bharath coursework only Summer 2010 MS
Xu, Wen The Influence of Web Site Feature on Loyalty Among Chinese Consumers - the Case of Taobao and EachNet Summer 2010 MS
Bennur, Shubhapriya From Apparel Product Attributes to Brand Loyalty: A Cross Cultural Investigation of U.S. and Indian Consumers' Attribute Choices Applying Kano's Theory Summer 2010 Ph.D.
Starr, Cathy Thermal Manikin Evaluation of Material Component and Design Features on Heat and Moisture Transfer of QuadgardTM Summer 2010 Ph.D.
An, Su Laboratory Assessment of Range of Motion and Pressure Associated with Female Soldiers Wearing a Ballistic Vest Summer 2010 Ph.D.
Ryu, Jay Exploratory Investigation of Downtown Branding as an Effective Downtown Revitalization Strategy: Downtown Business Owners Perspectives Summer 2010 Ph.D.
Lyon, Melinda Relationship Between Preferences for Familiar Design Elements and Principles and Place Attachment of Women Living in Continuing Care Retirement Communities Spring 2010 Ph.D.
Eike, Rachel New Insights into Ultraviolet Protective Properties of Natural Treatments on Cotton and Wool Fabrics Fall 2009 MS
Smith-Plank, Sarah coursework only Fall 2009 MS
Mason, Jenna Use of Surface Textile Manipulation to Create a Minoan Culture Influenced Apparel Collection Summer 2009 MS
Tumkur, Smitha folder not in file cabinet Summer 2009 MS
Kamenidis, Panagiotis Effect of Trapped Air on Heat and Moisture Resistance of Multi-Layered Soft Body Armors Spring 2009 MS
Rumsey, Rachel Design for Disassembly: An Implementation of C2CAD Framework Spring 2009 MS
Nam, Jinhee Arm  Armor Systems: Fit Analysis and Performance Factors Spring 2009 Ph.D.
Hamlin, Reagan Female Consumers' Perceptions of Advertising Fall 2008 MS
Nam, Minjung Consumer Use of the Internet in Shopping for Unique Products Fall 2008 MS
Catlin, Amy coursework only Fall 2008 MS
Mashburn, Ayla coursework only Spring 2008 MS
Li, Yuqing Chinese Consumers Evaluation of Multinational and Domestic Discount Store Image and Store Satisfaction Spring 2008 MS
Alexander, Shea Eleven Dresses: A Study Spring 2008 MS