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Armstrong, Cosette 405-744-9525 434A Human Sciences cosette.armstrong@okstate.edu
Atiles, Jorge
(Associate Dean, Extension and Engagement)
405-744-6280 135 Human Sciences jorge.atiles@okstate.edu
Chandrasekera, Tilanka 405-744-9524 429D Human Sciences tilanka@okstate.edu
Clare, Greg 405-744-4312 440 Human Sciences greg.clare@okstate.edu
Hebert, Paulette 405-744-9931 434B Human Sciences paulette.hebert@okstate.edu
Jayadas, Aditya 405-744-4469 441 Human Sciences aditya.jayadas@okstate.edu
Kang, Mihyun 405-744-4299 434C Human Sciences mihyun.kang@okstate.edu
Limbaugh, Diane 405-744-0400 429E Human Sciences diane.morton@okstate.edu
Ownbey, Shiretta
(Associate Dean, Academic Programs and Services)
405-744-5053 101 Human Sciences shiretta.ownbey@okstate.edu
Park, Hyejune 405-744-5628 442 Human Sciences june.park@okstate.edu
Peek, Gina 405-744-9521 443 Human Sciences gina.peek@okstate.edu
Peksoz, Semra 405-744-9522 429B Human Sciences semra.peksoz@okstate.edu
Petrova, Adriana 405-744-4415 429A Human Sciences adriana.petrova@okstate.edu
Pulay, Alana 405-744-9574 444 Human Sciences alana.pulay@okstate.edu
Roberts, Emily 405-744-3818 437 Human Sciences emily.roberts12@okstate.edu
Ruppert-Stroescu, Mary 405-744-3819 438 Human Sciences mary.ruppert-stroescu@okstate.edu
Smith, Chris 405-744-9939 436 Human Sciences thomas.c.smith@okstate.edu
Swinney, Jane
(Department Head)
405-744-6552 445 Human Sciences jane.swinney@okstate.edu

Brock, Susan 405-744-5049 449 Human Sciences susan.brock@okstate.edu
Campbell, Allison 405-744-5034 431 Human Sciences allison.campbell@okstate.edu
Goforth, Delaina 405-744-5035 431 Human Sciences delaina.goforth@okstate.edu