Oklahoma State University
Design, Housing and Merchandising
Semra  Peksoz

Semra Peksoz

Associate Professor

Area: Design, Housing and Merchandising

429B Human Sciences
Stillwater OK 74078
Phone: 405-744-9522
Fax: 405-744-6910

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Educational Background:

Degree Institution Area of Study
Ph.D. Oklahoma State University Human Environmental Sciences
M.S. Middle East Technical University, Turkey Engineering Sciences
B.S. Middle East Technical University, Turkey Civil Engineering

Courses Taught:

Flat Pattern Design DHM  3013
Computer Aided Flat Pattern Design DHM  3023

Research Statement:

Functional clothing design and evaluation is the primary focus of my scholarship. In particular, I have been active in developing garment and garment systems for ballistic and thermal protection in both military and civilian applications. I have expertise in performance testing of apparel and textile products for the industry, as well as developing smart garments for fire fighters. I am also interested in kinesiology of human body especially when it applies to performance in functional clothing. I am currently involved in (1) the development of smart garments embedded with multiple sensors for continuous monitoring of at risk patients; (2) developing collaborative multi-discipline educational programs that link functional apparel with research areas such as medicine/patient care and space exploration.

Research Area:

  • Functional Apparel Design and Evaluation


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