Oklahoma State University
Nutritional Sciences
Tay Seacord Kennedy

Tay Kennedy

Associate Professor

Area: Community Nutrition

312 Human Sciences
Stillwater OK 74078
Phone: 405-744-5965
Fax: 405-744-1357

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Educational Background:

Degree Institution Area of Study
Ph.D. Iowa State University
M.S. University of New York at Albany
B.S. Cornell University

Courses Taught:

Prin. Human Nutrition NSCI  2114
Nutrition Across the Life Span NSCI  3223
Nutritional Assessment and Counseling Skills NSCI  3813
Community Nutrition NSCI  4733
Spec Unit Studies NSCI NSCI  4850
Maternal & Infant Nutrition NSCI  5363
Childhood Nutrition NSCI  5373


  • (2001 - 2004) Professional Development Committee, SoonerStart Interagency Coordinating Council. State of Oklahoma
  • (2002) CHES Faculty Advisory Committee, At large member
  • (2005 - 2007) HES Assessment Committee: NSCI representative Oklahoma Obesity Prevention Planning Grant: School and health sub-committee
  • (2006) Oklahoma Obesity Prevention Planning Grant: School and health sub-committee
  • (2006 - 2007) University Assessent Committee: HES Representative

Awards & Recognition:

  • 1999 Dannon Leadership Institute Recipient
  • 2008 COHS Outstanding Graduate Advisor

Professional Memberships:

  • American Society for Nutrition
  • American Dietetic Association

Research Statement:

I’m interested in working with students and assisting them in understanding that research is the basis for their professional practice. My research interests are in maternal and child health. Currently, I have two active collaborations which are examining the effects of maternal nutritional status on infant cognitive development and looking at how behavioral economic principles can impact children’s choices in the school lunch program.

Research Areas:

  • Effects of heavy metals on child development
  • Effects of micronutrients on child development
  • Children with disabilities
  • Maternal and child nutrition


  • Thomas, D. (PI), Kennedy T., Hubbs-Tait, L. & Stoecker, B. Maternal Dietary nutrients and neurotoxins in infant cognitive development. (2008-1020) US Department of Agriculture ($270,000).
  • Hambidge, M. (PI), Abebe, Y., Stoecker, B., Krebbs, N., Kennedy, T., Hubbs-Tait, L. & Thomas, D. Zinc and Maternal-Infant Cognition in S. Ethiopia: Randomized Controlled Trials. Sub-contract from University of Colorado. (2007- 2011). (approx $200,000)
  • Hubbs-Tait, L. (PI), Kennedy, T., Richardson, D., Hermann, J., Brown, B. & Stoecker, B. Effectiveness of parenting and nutrition education in obesity prevention and promotion of child cognition(2006-2008). Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station($50,000)
  • Harrist, A. (PI), Kennedy, T., Topham, G., Hubbs-Tait, L. & Page, M. Intervening in Family and Peer Contexts to Decrease Child Obesity:(2005-2008). US Department of Agriculture ($1,000,000).
  • Hambidge, M. (PI). Zinc Nutrition and Brain Function in Sourthern Ethiopian Children and their Mothers. Sub-contract from Univesity of Colorado with Stoecker b., Hubbs-Tait, L. & Kennedy, T. (2003-2006). National Institutes of Health($50,000).


  • Maternal Dietary Nutrients and Neurotoxins in Infant Cognitive Development Research Page
  • The Baby Blog by Steph and Dr. K
  • Publications:

    • Evans, S. F., Tenkku, L. E., Kennedy, T., Zoorob, R., & Rudeen, K. (2014). Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders: Survey of healthcare providers after continuing education. Journal of Intellectual Disability Diagnosis and Treatment, 2(2), 133-143.
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