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Oklahoma State University

Leader Lessons

2017 OHCE Leader Lessons

State Leader Lessons

Social Media for Membership Recruitment - Agricultural Communications Representative
Social Media 101 Powerpoint
Social Media 101 PDF
Parliamentary Procedure Training for Prospective and Existing Leaders - Presenter To Be Determined
Solving the Parliamentary Puzzle Basic Rules and Principles
Solving the Parliamentary Puzzle Leader Lesson Guide Tracy Lane
Handout 1 - Bug Cards
Handout 2 - Basic Rules and Principles of Parliamentary Procedures for OHCE
Handout 3 - Agenda Development
Handout 4 - Steps in Processing a Motion
Handout 5 - Voting Methods

District Leader Lessons

The Travels of Your Textile Trash? - Dr. Mary Ruppert-Stroescu, Clothing Specialist; and Dr. Gina Peek, Housing and Consumer Specialist
15 minute Leader Lesson
Teaching Outline
Make Your Home Accessible with Simple Modifications - Dr. Gina Peek, Housing and Consumer Specialist 

Previous Leader Lessons

 2016 District Leader Lessons

Living with the Right Stuff: Doing Away with the Wrong (Improving your health, welfare and safety at home, right-sizing/down-sizing) -- Barbara Brown, Food Science Specialist and Gina Peek, Housing Specialist. We all have stuff. We have stuff in our closets, basements, attics, under our beds, in our pantries and refrigerators, and any available nook and cranny. Question is, which stuff should we keep and which should we throw or give away? We'll cover everything from when it's time to replace a few basic consumer goods to more comprehensive issues such as cleaning out outdated and/or unsafe food and right-sizing/down-sizing your clothing, furnishings or home. Come and learn simple ways to improve your health, welfare, and safety at home.
Show Me the Money -- Brenda Miller, Northeast District Family & Consumer Science Program Specialist. OHCE Local and County Groups have great project ideas, but do not have the money to make them happen. Learn how easy it is to receive funds you need to support your educational leadership efforts.

2016 OHCE State Leader Lessons

Am I Safe from a Hacker? -- Sissy Osteen, Resource Management SpecialistPersonal practices and habits can go a long way toward protecting individuals from hacking and cybercrime. Learn about strategies to protect yourself.
From Heritage Textiles to Smart Garments: How textiles influence our lives. -- Mary Ruppert-Stroescu, Clothing Specialist. We will take a trip back in time to look at how textiles have developed since man came to earth. Traveling forward through the 20th century and to today, we will examine some familiar textiles and learn about new developments in textile technology that will help us stay healthy.
Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up -- Gina Peek, Housing and Consumer Specialist. Is it hard to keep your house in order? Do you struggle with stuff? Let's create a dramatic change by applying home maintenance techniques made popular in Marie Kondo's book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Let's apply the KonMarie method! We will focus on simple, no-cost ways to reduce possessions. Reducing clutter and thereby improving living conditions may impact your health, welfare, and safety at home.

2015 Leader Lessons

Oklahoma Weather-Are You Ready?
Hunger in Oklahoma

Low Cost Clean & Green, natural, green, homemade products
Tenderness: How to Cook Meat
Travel De-Stress

Build an Emergency Kit on a Budget
Stretching Food Dollars Lesson Guide
Teaching Outline Build a Kit on a Budget
OHCE Build a kit on a budget ppt (Scripted PPT Build a Kit on a Budget 15-minute program)
Build a Kit on a Budget Challenge - Handout
Build a Kit on a Budget Certificate - Handout
LONG Build a kit on a budget ppt

Stretching Your Food Dollars

Stretching Food Dollars Lesson Guide
Stretching your food dollars lesson ppt
Breakfast Menu Ideas sheet
Desserts & Drinks Menu Ideas sheet
Dinner Menu Ideas sheet
Lunch Menu Idea sheet
Menu Planner Cover sheet
Pantry Basics
Salads & Appetizers Menu Idea sheet
Storing Fruits Veggies
Weekly Planner Menu Ideas
Food Storage
Fruits & Vegetables Menu Ideas sheet

Prepare to Care

Lesson Handouts, Fact Sheets & Resources: 
Are You a Family Caregiver? eXtension article
Fact Sheets:
Planning for the Future: Let¹s Talk About It! Fact Sheet
Planning for the Future: Let's Talk About It!: Getting Records in Order by Taking Inventory of Valuable Records Fact Sheet
Prepare to Care Activity Sheet for Small Group Discussion 
Prepare To Care Educator Lesson Background
Prepare To Care: 5 Steps for Family Planning (ppt)

A copy of the Prepare to Care: A Planning Guide for Families² AARP workbook is made available to you as a PDF for printing. This and updated materials are available via AARP for ordering, using caregiving resources @


OHCE Leader Lessons 2013


Enjoy Fruits and Vegetables All Month Long

Leader Lesson Guide
Flip Chart

Stretching Food Dollars

Stretching Food Dollars Lesson Guide
Stretching Food Dollars Lesson PPT

Healthy Housing

General Info 2012 District Lesson 7 Principles of Healthy Housing
Teaching Outline 2012 OHCE State Healthy Homes
HUD Healthy Homes Flyer
7 Principles Healthy Home DRY
7 Principles Healthy Homes CLEAN
7 Principles Healthy Homes SAFE
7 Principles Healthy Homes WELL VENTILATED
7 Principles Healthy Homes PEST FREE
7 Principles Healthy Homes CONTAMINANT-FREE
7 Principles Healthy Homes WELL MAINTAINED

Internet Safety

Social Media
Internet Safety Social Media Handout

Suddenly Single

Suddenly Single powerpoint
Suddenly Single_Evaluation Form
Suddenly Single_Lesson Guide
Dealing with Loss Grief
FTC Credit and Divorce publication
FTC publication Paying the Debt of a Deceased Relative- Who is Responsible
T-4150 Organizing Household Records
T-4155 Wills and Trusts

Win It in a Minute

Win it in a Minute ppt
Lighting ppt
Cooling ppt
Heating ppt
Teachers Guide Win it in a Minute
Program Evaluation Win it in a Minute



Bugwiser powerpoint
Bugwiser Guide



COACH Lesson & Exercise powerpoint
COACH Leader Lesson Details
COACH Leader Lesson Evaluation
COACH Leader_Lesson Handout


OHCE District Leader Lessons 2011


The Family Freezer: Making the Most of What Goes In

Family Freezer powerpoint
Family Freezer Leader Guide
Family Freezer Fact Sheet 


OHCE State Leader Lessons 2010


Is Your Diet Balanced?

Is Your Diet Balanced? flipchart
Is Your Diet Balanced? Powerpoint
Steps to a Healthier You handout


Go Green-Conserve & Protect Our Natural Resources

Go Green Leader Lesson Guide
Go Green Powerpoint
Go Green post test


Festival of Family Desserts

Family Rituals Lesson Guide
Family Rituals Teacher's Guide
Family Rituals Evaluation
Family Rituals Powerpoint
Family Rituals Lesson Outline



Creating Family Rituals & TraditionsDo you know this family?
Family Night Equals Family Unity
Summertime Crafts for Kids
Top Ten Reasons to Hold Family Meetings
Ten Reasons to Tell Your Kids Stories
Family Ritual Ideas
Family Game Night
Creating Rituals in Stepfamilies


3 R's: Recycle, Reuse and Reinvent

Recycle Reuse Reinvent Leaders GuideInstructions for Educators
FoodPack handout
Environmental Millionaire Power PointFlipchart
Recycle Reuse Reinvent Handout.pdf
Recycle Reuse Reinvent Power Point
Recycle Reuse Reinvent handout pdf
Environmental Millionaire Scorecard


Patterns and Projects

1930's Scrappy Wall Hanging
Decorative Pillow
Merry Mouse Pad
Antique Rose Quilt
Mini Messenger Bag
Table Mat Pattern


OHCE State Leader Lesson 2009


Duct Tape, Baling Wire and WD-40
Baling Wire, Duct Tape, WD-40 Leader Lesson
Baling Wire, Duct Tape, WD-40 Leader Lesson Guide
Baling Wire, Duct Tape, WD-40 color handout
Baling Wire, Duct Tape, WD-40 Flip Chart
Cleaning color handout
Baling Wire, Duct Tape, WD-40 power point
New Uses handout
You might be familiar with baling wire handout


Caring For Those With Alzheimer's Disease

Caring for those with Alzheimer's Disease Leader Lesson Guide
Caring for those with Alzheimer's Disease power point
Caring for those with Alzheimer's Disease flip chart

Money on the Bookshelf

OHCE Member Handout pdf.
OHCE Leaders Guide doc
MOTB State Leader Lesson ppt
MOTB Survey pdf
MOTB Flip Chart pdf
Trouble with Money pdf
Bargain for Frances pdf
Activity-Paper Mache Piggy Bank pdf.
Activity-Coffee Can Wrapper pdf.
Alexander - Spanish pdf
Activity-Paper Mache Piggy Bank doc
Mama's New Job pdf
Just Shopping with Mom pdf
MOTB Flip Chart doc
MOTB Survey doc
OHCE Leaders Guide pdf


What to Keep-What to Throw Away

Leader Lesson
Teachers Guide


OHCE State Leader Lessons 2008


What is Patriotism?

Leaders Guide
Citizenship Quiz
Flag Booklet
USA Flag
5 Point Star
Flip Chart
Lesson Background
OHCE Flag Booklet
Blue Star Flag
Word Search
4-H Flag Book

Gambling Addiction

What is Gambling Addiction?
Gambling Addiction & Problem Gambling
Pathological Gambling

OHCE State Leader Lessons 2007


Clutter's Last Stand

Flip ChartClutter Chart
Leaders Guide
Classify Your Clutter

Forming Community Coalitions

Flip Chart
Sustainability Handout
Leaders Guide