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Oklahoma State University

State Meeting Resources

2017 Learning Sessions

Baby Basics: Getting a New Grandbaby. Laura Hubbs-Tait. Basics of caring for infants including how to foster a secure attachment, safety, sleep, responding to infant cries, reading to babies, and more!

Chalk Painting. Javonna Earsom. Tips and techniques for painting any surface with chalk paint. Learn how to get the chippy, layered, distressed look.

Creative Food Presentation. Arleen James and Liz McBee. Several creative food presentations from salads on a stick to cheese platters will be demonstrated. You do not need an advanced degree in art to turn food into gorgeous presentations.

Get Out of Town. David Davis, Steven Ruby, and Stacy Tomas. Promote tourism in your area and across Oklahoma and identify resources for planning a trip. Our state is large enough to have diverse regions and varied climates but small enough that you can make a day or a weekend trip to just about anywhere. This will help guide your trip 'outa' town.

Old-fashioned Beans, Peas, & Lentils: Good for Your Wallet, Good for the Planet!! Barbara Brown. Explore the role that dried beans, peas, and lentils (pulses) play in nutrition, health, climate change and food security and how to more easily fit them into your meals with cooking tips, how-tos, and recipes.

Success with Raised & Straw Bale Gardening. Cortney Keck. How can you use a hay bale for gardening? How deep does a raised bed need to be and why should I create one? Answers to these questions and more.

Superstyle Your Sweatshirt: Tips and Tricks for Fun Updates. Mary Ruppert-Stroescu. Make that old sweatshirt your new favorite fashion. Examine fashion trends for summer and fall and learn tips for revitalizing the fabric, using ribbons and trims for fun details. Useful for beginners and advanced levels.

The Flag: What You Need to Know! And Bandana Roses. Debra Stevenson and Gloria King. Learn how to properly display and handle the flag, and obtain information needed to show patriotism. Also includes instructions to make a patriotic red and blue bandana rose.

Underground Quilts. Brenda Hill. The underground Railroad story is a dramatic time in our nation's history. A sampler quilt explores what may have been a way for slaves to find their way out of bondage north into Canada. Listen to the story and the way humble quilts led the way to freedom.