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Oklahoma State University

Child and Family Services

Future Students


What Can I Study? — Child and Family Service


About the ProgramHDFS Ramona

The Child and Family Services program prepares students for careers that involve services and leadership to children, youth, adults and their families. The course content focuses on individual development, family dynamics and interaction, policy and law, family life education, and professional skills.  Students develop critical thinking skills, assessment and analytical skills and knowledge of human behavior across the lifespan. A professional internship experience
prepares students to compete in the job market effectively. Graduates have increasing career MFT        opportunities in urban areas and
  professional positions in government
  agencies focused on “at risk” groups. Many         students attend graduate or professional           schools in  therapy/counseling, social
  work, law school, and medical school
  or allied health programs. 





Example Career Paths
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  Child and Family                    FRCD                           HDFS CFS


To learn more about the Child and Family Services program click HERE.