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Oklahoma State University

Distinguished Chef Series

Chef Event 2017-2018 Brochure 

Chef Amanda Simcoe

As a chef, writer, television personality, educator and producer, Chef Amanda Simcoe is no ordinary “culinary character”. If you were to sum her up in one phrase, it would be “lover of cheese”. This statement comes by no accident as Chef Simcoe has spent her life sharing food, fun and fellowship with everyone she meets. Starting in Tulsa restaurants and moving to freelance education after being trained at the prestigious Cheese School of San Francisco, Chef Amanda has taken full advantage of the Oklahoma gastronomy scene. She has experience as a judge and emcee, has organized hundreds of culinary and foodie events, competitions and classes, and hosts her own show, Tasting Oklahoma.

Chef Amanda has been featured on OkFoodie, PBS and many local stations as the culinary talent promoting cheese, farm to table cuisine and culinary education. A featured speaker and presenter at the biennial Wine Forum of Oklahoma held at Oklahoma State University, she continues to inspire Oklahomans with her passion and enthusiasm for good food. She splits her time between Tulsa and Oklahoma City as she travels through this great state sharing her love for adventure and a good story!

Host & Producer
Tasting Oklahoma
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Amanda Simcoe

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