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Oklahoma State University

Nutritional Sciences - Faculty Expertise

Name Expertise
Barbara Brown
Food Specialist, Associate Professor
Home food preservation
Consumer food issues
Winyoo Chowanadisai
Assistant Professor
Nutrient-gene interactions
Metal metabolism genes
Brain development
Molecular genetics
Stephen Clarke
Professor/Interim Department Head
Impact of iron status on metabolic disease
Regulation of metal metabolism by non-coding RNAs
Phytochemicals and epigenetic control of cholesterol metabolism

Sam Emerson
Assistant Professor

Metabolic and inflammatory responses to meal consumption
Physical activity and nutrition interactions
Aging and metabolic health
Shirley Evans
Visiting Instructor
Maternal and Infant Nutrition
Gail Gates
Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator
Nutrition education
Food and lifestyle behaviors
Community nutrition
International nutrition
Dietetics education
Janice Hermann
Professor, OCES Adult and Older Adult Nutrition Specialist
Community nutrition education
Elderly nutrition education
Deana Hildebrand
Associate Professor
Childhood Obesity Prevention
School Nutrition and Health Programs
Tay Kennedy
Associate Professor
Maternal and child nutrition
Children with disabilities
Effects of micronutrients on child development
Effects of heavy metals on child development
Dingbo Lin
Assistant Professor
Type 2 diabetes
Hepatic steatosis
Insulin resistance
Chronic inflammation
Food bioactive compounds
Edralin Lucas
Professor/Jim and Lynne Williams Professor
Functional food
cardiovascular and skeletal health
analytical methods
clinical chemistry
Nutritional Biochemistry
McKale Montgomery
Assistant Professor
Roles of nutrient metabolism in cancer progression

Epigenetic regulation of metabolism
Nutrient-gene interactions

Brenda J. Smith
Regents Professor/John and Sue Taylor Professorship/Associate Dean of the Graduate College
Role of immune and antioxidant systems on bone biology
Inflammation, nutrition and aging
Effects of phytochemicals and exercise on bone health
Barbara Stoecker
Regents Professor and Marilynn Thoma Chair
Trace elements
Zinc and cognition
International nutrition problems
Infant and young child feeding practices
Food and nutritional security
Zinc and cognition
Micronutrient deficiencies
Gena Wollenberg
Dir., Dietetic Internship/Teaching Assistant Professor
Community Nutrition
Sports Nutrition