Oklahoma State University
College of Human Environmental Sciences
Faculty Research Themes

Design, Housing and Merchandising (DHM)

Department of Human Development and Family Science (HDFS)

Hotel and Restaurant Administration (HRAD)

  • Consumer behavior in hospitality and tourism contexts (Goh, Miao, Qu, Slevitch, Tomas, Yang)
  • Organizational behavior and human resource management in hospitality contexts (Curtis, Hancer, Ryan, Slevitch)
  • Hospitality education, curriculum and assessment (Goh, Ryan, Slevitch)
  • Cross-cultural hospitality educational programs (Goh, Ryan)
  • Hospitality workforce training and economic development (Goh, Ryan)
  • Hospitality service management and service quality (Leong, Miao, Qu)
  • Hospitality financial management and planning (Chung, Yang)
  • Hospitality strategic management (Chung, Hancer)
  • Hospitality revenue management (Miao)
  • Food safety and sanitation (Leong, Ryan)
  • Hospitality and tourism branding (Hancer, Qu, Slevitch, Tomas)
  • Sustainability and social responsibility in hospitality and tourism organizations (Chung, Slevitch, Tomas)
  • Tourism economic impact (Chung, Hancer, Qu, Tomas, Yang)
  • Technology systems in hospitality organizations (Hancer)
  • Rural tourism development and promotion (Tomas)

Nutritional Sciences (NSCI)