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Oklahoma State University

Academic Departments


Academic Departments

Our degree programs are housed within three academic departments and two multidisciplinary partnerships. Each department or program maintains an individual website. The links below will take you from the College site to those respective sites.

Department of Design, Housing and Merchandising


  • Fashion Design and Production (BS, MS)
  • Interior Design (BS, MS)
  • Merchandising (BS, MS)
  • Design, Housing and Merchandising PhD offered as a multidisciplinary program (see below)

Department of Human Development and Family Science

  • Applied Human Services (MS)
  • Child and Family Services (BS)
  • Developmental and Family Science (MS)
  • Early Child Care and Development (BS)
  • Early Childhood Education (BS, MS)
  • Family and Community Services (MS)
  • Family and Consumer Sciences Education (BS)
  • Gerontology (MS)
  • Marriage and Family Therapy (MS)
  • Human Development and Family Science PhD offered as a multidisciplinary program (see below)


Department of Nutritional Sciences

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  • Allied Health (BS)
  • Public Heath Nutrition (BS)
  • Dietetics (BS, MS)
  • Human Nutrition/Pre-Medical Sciences (BS)
  • Nutrition (MS)
  • Nutritional Sciences (PhD)

Multidisciplinary programs

  • Human Sciences
    • Design, Housing and Merchandising (PhD)
    • Hospitality and Tourism Management (PhD)
    • Human Development and Family Sciences (PhD)
  • Public Health
    • Public Health (MS)

Looking for the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management? They have administratively moved to the Spears School of Business. However, for now you can locate their program's web pages here: