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Oklahoma State University

Ten College of Human Sciences graduate students to participate in College’s Three Minute Thesis competition

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


3MTTen College of Human Sciences graduate students are scheduled to participate in the College of Human Sciences’ 2017 Three Minute Thesis Competition Wednesday, February 22 at 2:30 pm in Jorns Hall (room 180) of Human Sciences.

Those participating are Dhammika Chandradasa, Anamul Hasan, Joyce Nabisaalu – design, housing and merchandising; Kaisean Lee, Seza Zerman - hotel and restaurant administration; Amy Huffer, Giavanna McCall, Todd Spencer - human development and family science; and Babajide Ojo and Christine Patella - nutritional sciences.

The 3MT® is a professional development activity created at the University of Queensland in Australia to help graduate students acquire oral communication skills for presenting their research and conveying its societal significance to lay audiences in a concise and cogent manner. Students have only 3 minutes and one static slide to convey to their audience what they do and its importance in a manner that makes their hearers want to know more.

Students are essentially explaining what can be an 80,000 word thesis in three minutes or less, which means they must know and understand the essence of their research and be able to express its importance in a clear and engaging way for others to understand.

A panel of judges will select a first place winner who will receive $300 in prize money with $200 for second place, $100 for third, and $300 for a people’s choice selection. The finalists from our college-level competitions will have the opportunity to compete in the university’s 2017 OSU 3MT® Finals in March.

Please mark your calendar to attend, and let’s plan to pack the house, as there is a People’s Choice vote!

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