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Oklahoma State University

DHM presents “Influence and Inspiration” exhibit from Pepin Collection

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

A new exhibit, designed to inspire creative ideas and innovations in design, goes on display April 29 in Gaylord Gallery in the Human Sciences Building North Wing. Presented by the Oklahoma State University Department of Design, Housing and Merchandising, the exhibit – “Influence and inspiration…impacting our cultures, environments, and products…” features artifacts from the Leevera Pepin Collection. The exhibit is open to OSU students, faculty and staff as well as the public daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. through the summer.

The exhibit includes furniture models, including a series of chairs from the Pepin Collection with historical information and background on the designs. Patrons also can view videos on the history and future development of the Mercedes automobile and the International Ferrari Exhibit complex in Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia.

Artifacts and funding for the exhibit are courtesy of the Leevera Pepin Endowment, given by former OSU interior design professor Leevera Pepin, to the department through the OSU Foundation. Rick Bartholomew curated the exhibit and display fixtures with guidance from Kay Stewart and June Worthington. The trio are all former OSU interior design faculty. 

chair in collection

About the Exhibit 

Throughout history, human society has experienced, documented and drawn upon the many influences that inspired new, creative ideas and innovations to make our lives more meaningful, productive, functionally easier and aesthetically pleasing. The new ideas and innovations for everyday living and pleasure could not have transpired without embracing the past to improve the future. In this exhibit, artifacts from the Leevera Pepin Collection show how “influence and inspiration” of entrepreneurial endeavors has impacted our cultures, environments and products over the previous century.

About Leevera Pepin

Leevera Pepin was an interior design professor at OSU from 1945-1980. Pepin’s generous endowed gift made possible the purchase of objects of art and design to be used as learning aids for students of design. Her foresight and generosity leave a lasting legacy that continues the work of her life: surrounding learning with art and beauty to provide enjoyment as well as education.

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