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Oklahoma State University

School of Hotel and Restaurant Administration

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Faculty Expertise Expertise Expertise
Yeasun Chung Corporate Finance Asset Management Strategic Investment
Catherine Curtis Employee Management Employee Development  
David Davis Sales and Marketing Strategy Revenue Management  
Ben Goh Consumer Behavior Marketing  
Heidi Hoart Hazard Communication Hospitality Education Hospitality Technology
Li Miao Hospitality Service Hospitality Technology Consumer Behavior
Tiffany Poe Food and Beverage Operations Culinary Training for Child Nutrition Professionals Taste and Flavor Training and Sensory Analysis
Hailin Qu Hospitality Service Consumer Behavior International Hospitality
Steve Ruby Hospitality Law Experiential Learning  
Bill Ryan Hospitality Management Hospitality Education International Hospitality
Lisa Slevitch Consumer Behavior Sustainable Practices Employee Development
Kimberly Mathe Cuellar Beverage Education Wine Service Training  
Willie Tao Food Service Management Big Data Analytics  
Stacy Tomas Rural Tourism Sustainable Practices Consumer Behavior
Jing Yang Corporate Finance International Hospitality  
Dar Yasseri Hospitality Management Corporate Finance Consumer Behavior