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Oklahoma State University

Nutritional Sciences

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Faculty Expertise Expertise Expertise
Lauren Amaya Community Nutrition Education Improving Dietary Quality in Youth  Nutrition for the Elderly
Barbara Brown Food Safety Home Food Preservation Consumer Food Choices 
Winyoo Chowanadisai Nutrition and Brain Development Nutrition and Genetics Mineral Metabolism and Neurodegenerative Diseases 
Stephen Clarke Iron and Metabolism Iron in Neurodegenerative Diseases Iron Deficiency and Osteoporosis 
Janice Hermann Elderly Nutrition Education Improving Nutrition and Exercise among Native American Children Obesity and Diabetes Prevention
Deana Hildebrand School Nutrition and Health Programs Nutrition Behaviors of Families with Children Obesity Prevention
Tay Kennedy Maternal and Child Nutrition Nutrition Assessment Nutrition for Children with Diabetes
Dingbo (Daniel) Lin Dietary Bioactive Compounds and Inflammation Obesity and Diabetes Flavanoids and Eye Health
Edralin Lucas Dietary Bioactive Compounds and Inflammation Obesity and Cardiovascular Disease Bone Health
Michael Rhone Nutrition and Health Disparities Nutrition Education and Diversity  
Diana Romano Community Nutrition Education Improving Dietary Quality in Adults  
Brenda Smith Dietary Bioactive Compounds and Inflammation Nutrition and Bone Health  Nutrition and Aging
Barbara Stoecker Metal Metabolism Zinc and Cognition International Nutrition Problems
Gena Wollenberg Nutrition in Exercise and Sport Disordered Eating and Muscle Dysmorphia among young adults Food and Nutritional Needs of Professional Referees