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Oklahoma State University

Current/Continuing Students

Current Students

Academic Scholarship List — Current/Continuing Students

Current/continuing students enrolled in the CoHS are eligible to compete for three levels of scholarships:

  1. University-wide scholarships
  2. College of Human Sciences scholarships
  3. Departmental scholarships

How to Apply:

University-wide scholarships

Information regarding university-wide scholarships can be found on the Office of Scholarship and Financial Aid website.

College of Human Sciences and Departmental Scholarships

College-level and departmental scholarships in CoHS use a common online scholarship application

When Should You Apply?

Applications for the following academic year are usually available in November and are due in December of each year. Due dates may vary from year to year. These scholarships are awarded and presented during the Scholarship Recognition Banquet each spring.

How Will I Be Notified About an Award?

Each unit is responsible for contacting students about their awards. Most often, students are only contacted if they are awarded a scholarship.

Financial Aid

Explore the Scholarships and Financial Aid home page to learn more about University-wide scholarship opportunities and the financial aid process at OSU. This office is located in the Student Union, Room 119, and may be reached by phone at 405-744-6604.