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Scholarships and Financial Aid

Current Students

Scholarships and Financial Aid 

2019 Human Sciences Internship Scholarship Application

Due:  April 19, 2019, 4:30 pm

Current College of Human Sciences undergraduate students in all fields are eligible. Complete the application online and submit, using a computer with the ability to print. Print out the generated confirmation page and sign the form yourself. Request that your OSU Faculty Internship Coordinator sign (faculty member in the department/school of your major who provides leadership to internships). Unsigned applications will not be considered. Attach a letter, email or memo of offer from the company/organization where you will complete your internship. We cannot award a scholarship without official documentation from the employer at your internship site that you have been offered the internship position. Return the signed confirmation page with required attachments to 101 HSCI by 4:30 pm on Friday, April 19.

The College of Human Sciences awards generous general and departmental scholarships to students each year. For these general and department scholarships, applications for the following academic year are usually available in November and due in December of each year. Due dates may vary from year to year. These scholarships are awarded and presented during the Scholarship Recognition Banquet each spring.

Scholarship recipients must be currently enrolled and majoring in a degree program in the College of Human Sciences. Undergraduate recipients must be enrolled as a full time student (12 hours or more; seniors enrolled in 9 hours or more in their graduating semester are considered full time) during the period of the scholarship award. Graduate student recipients must be enrolled as a full time student (6 hours or more) during the period of the scholarship award. If you are awarded a departmental scholarship, you MUST be a student in that department and/or major prior to disbursement of the scholarship. Criteria varies for each scholarship, but usually includes GPA, college and university activities, leadership potential, future goals, etc.

To learn more about our scholarships and the application process at OSU and CoHS, please choose the appropriate link below:

Prospective Freshmen or Transfer Students

Current/Continuing Students

CoHS Scholarship Descriptions and Criteria

Financial Aid

Explore the Scholarships and Financial Aid home page to learn more about University-wide scholarship opportunities and the financial aid process at OSU. This office is located in the Student Union, Room 119, and may be reached by phone at 405-744-6604.