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Study Abroad and International Opportunities

Current Students

Study Abroad and International Opportunities

The College of Human Sciences strongly encourages students to participate in a study abroad program during their undergraduate degree. Not only can an abroad experience broaden one's perspective and increase confidence, but it can also contribute to one's skill of learning and working in a diverse setting - a skill that is valued in the professional work environment.

Early planning is key! Students who are interested in studying abroad should talk to their academic adviser very early in their academic career (i.e., freshman year), especially if they are considering a semester-long or year-long study abroad experience. The best time to study abroad is often determined by a student's specific degree plan. In general, however, most students who study abroad for an extended period (semester or year) will do so during their sophomore year before they are immersed in major-specific coursework, which is often difficult to find at universities abroad. Students should talk to their academic adviser about saving general education credits and elective credits for the semester or year abroad.

Students who would rather participate in a short-term study abroad experience during spring break, winter break, or summer can consider OSU Faculty-led programs or Affiliated/Approved programs.  For more information on the different types of study abroad programs, please click on the links below.

The four types of study abroad programs are:

Make an Appointment

Students are encouraged to make an appointment with the College of Human Sciences Study Abroad Specialist to discuss the different types of study abroad opportunities. Stop by 101 Human Sciences or call 405-744-5053 to schedule an appointment. Early planning is key! Start planning for your abroad experience today.

Upcoming Study Abroad Opportunities

Italy through Food, Photos and Video

May 14-23, 2019

Led by Barbara Brown and Kevin Gragg

Experience the winding vineyards and earthy farms that are at the heart of the Old Country. Taste the unique flavor of Italy through the lens of tradition--all while having enough time to stop and smell the basil. Devour culinary lessons that you can only learn from behind the stove, and discover the meaning of the Slow Food movement that continues to influence the global community.

Students will enroll in NSCI 4850 for 2 credit hours. Contact Barbara Brown, Associate Professor FCS, at 405-744-6940 or for more information.

Sign up online at

Estimated expenses:
Program Fee: $3,710 (includes airfare, lodging and some meals through EF College Study Tours)
Tuition cost: $440 ($220/credit hour)
Personal expenses: $750

Costa Rica Pura Vida

March 16-24, 2019

The College of Human Sciences is offering a unique opportunity for Human Sciences Freshmen to embark on a study abroad experience in beautiful Costa Rica during Spring Break 2019. You will be introduced to the culture and landscape of Costa Rica while learning about the country’s biodiversity and sustainability. Activities will stimulate a sense of wonder in and affection for the natural world.

Students will enroll in HS 2080 for one credit hour. The course is limited to students in the College of Human Sciences.

Contact Elizabeth Whitfield at for program details and registration information.

Tuition and Program Fee $3,675 (includes airfare, accommodations, and daily meals)

Additional expenses: Miscellaneous/personal $200.

Scholarships are available! The first 15 students will be eligible to receive a $1,200 scholarship from the College of Human Sciences.

Sign up here.  Additional information also available here.

Study Abroad Scholarship Opportunities

OSU Study Abroad Office

Examples of Recent Study Abroad Opportunities


European Cuisine and Culture

May 26-June 23, 2018

Experience Rome, Florence, Cinque Terre, and more. Live and learn in Italy for 4 weeks and receive 8 credits, including the “I” designation. All students enroll in HRAD 4090 (2 credits) and Cultural Introduction to Italy (3 credits). Customize your experience by choosing a course (taught by Florence University of the Arts) that fits your interests from four areas (Food, Health, and Wellness in Italy; Tuscany and its Wines; Food, Culture, and Society in Italy; or Italian Food From Farm to Table.

Tuition and Program Fee $4,800 (includes local travel and lodging)

Additional expenses: Airfare estimated $1,500, Local travel and meals $700.

Costa Rica

World Perspectives on Child Development-Italy

May 28-June 4, 2018

Experience global perspectives on child development with a focus on children age 0-5 while spending 8 days in Rome and Florence, Italy. Students enroll in HDFS 4750 (1 credit). 

Tuition $250, Program Fee $3,675 (includes airfare, local travel and lodging through EF College Study Tours)

Additional expenses: Meals and miscellaneous costs $700.

Study Abroad

Consumer Research in Spain

May 14-25, 2018

This two-week program in Spain will examine many facets of consumer behavior and how an understanding translates to approaches in design & merchandising. Students will enroll in DHM 4850 (3 credits). 

Tuition $330, Program Fee $3,895 (includes airfare, local travel and lodging through EF College Study Tours)

Additional expenses: Meals and miscellaneous costs $700.

Spain Study aboad