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Oklahoma State University

Alumna from Iowa

DHM Alumna

As a junior in high school in Iowa  I knew I wanted to pursue a career in an applied art and decided Interior design would be my choice based on my skills and interests. I researched the design  programs offered in the Big 8 schools at the time and settled on OSU which was convenient because my brother had gone there on a track scholarship and I had greatly enjoyed visiting the campus when he was there. OSU felt like home to me and home it was for four years from 1970-1974 as I worked on my degree . While I was there I lived in the Chi Omega house and made friendships with amazing young women who I still  stay in touch with today. 

Upon graduation I was fortunate enough to land a design assistant job with one of Tulsa's finest designers at the time and worked for him until I ventured out on my own at age 28. Molly Gerkin (Johnston)  Interior Designer began in 1980  and continues to this day. I work for the most awesome clients in Tulsa which along with being able to use creative talent while spending other peoples money makes this a delightful career. In addition to the Tulsa area  I have had the opportunity to design homes  at Grand Lake, Orlando Florida, Arkansas, California and Minnesota. Dental offices have  also been a specialty of mine which I thoroughly enjoy working on. I have had an affiliation with AIA, TCC Design Advisory Board, and currently serve on the OSU DHM advisory board. I have been married to Retired Major USAF Larry Johnston for 22 years and have 5 children, three of whom  we adopted from Russia. My advice to   them  is  to find a career that they are passionate about and they will never have to work a day in their life! I am grateful to say that this has been my  personal experience for almost 40 years now.  I thank God for my creative talent, my parents for their support over the years and OSU for giving me the foundation and confidence to pursue my dreams. Go Pokes !