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Oklahoma State University

Alumna in Tulsa, Oklahoma


My time at OSU was beyond fun. Looking back I have so many fond memories of the campus, classes, football games and living in the town on Stillwater. Every day I loved being in the OSU environment. With OSU you get the best of both worlds: a large major University nestled in a charming  all- American town. I wouldn’t change my time I spent at OSU for anything in the world. I love going back to visit OSU and always find it hard to leave.

I first studied Interior Design while at OSU. Then after talking to my advisor at length about how I was envisioning my career… she advised me changing my major to Merchandising. It was the perfect fit for me. I had so many helpful classes, everything from retail mathematics to a class where the students got to chemically test fabrics. I got to explore lots of avenues my career could take. My favorite classes were History of Interiors and Art History.

I am currently an interior designer at Luxe Furniture and Design in Tulsa. I present to clients both product and furniture layouts. I definitely use many skills picked up at OSU, in my day to day business. Sketching, reading blue prints and retail math are used daily.