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Oklahoma State University

Adriana Petrova


Associate Professor & Carol Dewitt Morsani Professorship

440 Human Sciences
Stillwater, OK 74078
Phone: 405-744-4312
Fax: 405-744-6910


Degree Institution Area of Study
Ph.D. Cornell University, Ithaca, NY Apparel Design
M.A. University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX Physics
M.A. Cornell University, Ithaca, NY Apparel Design
B.S. Sofia University, Sofia, Bulgaria Physics


Fit of apparel; Sizing of apparel; Design, development, and testing of functional and protective apparel; Applications of 3D body scanning for design and evaluation


  • Park, H. , Branson, D., Kim, S., Warren, A., Jacobson, B., Petrova, A., Peksoz, S., & Kamenidis, P. (2014). Effect of Armor and Carrying Load on Body Balance and Leg Muscle Function. Gait and Posture, 39(1), 430-435.
  • Park, H., Branson, D., Petrova, A., Peksoz, S., Goad, C., Warren, A. J., Jacobson, B., & Kamenidis, P. (2013). Effects of Body Armor and Load Carriage on Lower Limb Joint Movement.Journal of Human Performance in Extreme Environments, 10(2), Article 3.
  • Park, H., Branson, D., Petrova, A., Peksoz, S., Jacobson, B., Warren, A., Goad, C., & Kamenidis, P. (2013). Impact of Ballistic Body Armour and Load Carriage on Walking Patterns and Perceived Comfort. Ergonomics, 56 (7), 1167-1179.
  • Petrova, A. & Ashdown, S.P.   (2012). Comparison of Garment Sizing Systems. Clothing and Textiles Research Journal, 0887302X12463603, first published on October 22, 2012 doi:10.1177/0887302X12463603
  • Park, H., Nolli, G., Branson, D., Peksoz, S., & Petrova, A. (2011). Impact of Wearing Body Armor on Lower Body Mobility. Clothing and Textiles Research Journal, 29 (3), 232-247.
  • Petrova, A. & Ashdown, S.   (2008). 3D Body Scan Data Analysis: Body Size and Shape Dependence of Ease Values for Pants? Fit. Clothing and Textiles Research Journal, 26(3), 227-252.


  • Balasubramanian, M., Petrova, A., & Robinette, K.M. (2013).  Anthropometric Dynamics of Pregnant Women and Their Implications on Apparel Sizing. Proceedings of the 4th International Conference and Exhibition on Body Scanning Technologies. November 19-20, Long Beach, California.
  • Petrova, A., Peksoz, S., Balasubramanian, M., & Robinette, K.M. (2013).   Performance Evaluation of Glove Design through 3-D Motion Capture. Proceedings of the 2nd Digital Human Modeling Symposium. June 11-13, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Courses Taught

Presentation Techniques for Apparel Design DHM  1993
Draping DHM  2443
Advanced Technology for Apparel Design DHM  3123
Heritage of Dress II DHM  3213
Textile Surface Design DHM  3533
Advanced Apparel Design DHM  4403
Theoretical Perspectives for DHM DHM  5003
Functional Apparel DHM  5533
Problems in DHM DHM  5810
Anthropometrics DHM  6363
Independent Study DHM  6410
Advanced Problems in DHM DHM  6810

Awards and Recognition

  • 2010 ITAA Paper of Distinction Textile and Apparel Science Track
  • 2009 Lectra Innovation Award for Research

Professional Memberships

  • Human Factors and Ergonomics Society
  • ASTM International
  • International Textile and Apparel Association