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Oklahoma State University

Ph.D. in Human Sciences with specialization in Design, Housing and Merchandising

Graduate Program

Ph.D. in Human Sciences with specialization in Design, Housing and Merchandising


The Department of Design, Housing and Merchandising offers graduate work leading to a Doctorate of Philosophy in Human Sciences with an specialization in Design, Housing and Merchandising. The Ph.D. prepares individuals for research, administrative, management or teaching positions in universities, business and industry. Graduate education within DHM encompasses three areas of study: 1) apparel design and production, 2) interior design, and 3) merchandising.

The academic background, experience and professional goals of a student are considered when planning the program of study. Individualized programs of study permit maximum use of the many educational resources available at OSU. Courses in architecture, marketing, management, sociology, psychology, history, physical and biological sciences, education, and from other departments in Human Sciences often supplement DHM coursework.

For application process and inquiries, contact Dr. Gina Gould Peek

Ph.D. Degree Plan

The College of Human Sciences offers a Ph.D. in Human Sciences with a specialization in Design, Housing and Merchandising. The doctoral program requires completion of a minimumof 60 graduate credit hours beyond the master's degree, which includes at least 15 credit hours of dissertation research. The doctoral program requires students to have or obtain experiences in generating knowledge, knowledge sharing, community engagement, resource generation, and as well in their major and supporting content areas.

The courses selected for the doctoral student's Plan of Study must be approved by the student's advisory committee and support the student's dissertation research and career goals. More specifically, the course requirements for the PhD program are:

  1. Minimum of 60 credit hours beyond the master's degree
  2. A minimum of 15 and a maximum of 30 credit hours of Dissertation coursework (i.e., DHM 6000)
  3. HES 6993 (3 credit hours)
  4. Coursework in DHM or related content area
  5. Coursework in Research Methods and Statistics

If a thesis was not completed as part of the student's prior master's degree, the student must enroll in independent study and complete a thesis equivalent early in their program, prior to beginning work on a dissertation. Also, if the GRE or GMAT Analytical Writing score is below 4.0, and there is no evidence of remedial English writing coursework after taking the GRE or GMAT, then completion of remedial English course(s) will be required.

At least 30 of the above credit hours must be completed at OSU, and at least 75 percent of the courses on the doctoral Plan of Study must be taken at the 5000 or 6000 level. No more than 25 percent of the courses included on a doctoral Plan of Study may be at the 4000 level and only if those courses are marked with an asterisk within the OSU Catalog (designating the availability of graduate credit). Graduate credits used to obtain a master's degree or a previously earned doctoral degree cannot be counted toward the 60 credit hours required for the current program.