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Oklahoma State University


Alana Pulay Research on LED Lighting and Children Recognized  




Design, housing and merchandising Assistant Professor Alana Pulay received a Best Presentation Award during the Interior Design Educators Council South Regional Conference. Awards were made based on the scores received by reviewers who attended the conference at Middle Tennessee State University in Murphreesboro.

Pulay’s research study was performed in Pre-K and Kindergarten classrooms in the College of Human Sciences’ Child Development Lab (CDL) to determine if student engagement behavior is influenced by the classroom interior lighting. After receiving university IRB and parent approval, 24 students, aged 3 to 4 years old, were observed in the classroom lit with LED lighting compared to fluorescent lighting. Student engagement scores were recorded for 5 months.

Results indicate that students displayed more engagement behaviors in the classroom lit with LED lighting than the classroom lit with fluorescent lighting (t = -4.006, p < .001). Male students displayed more engagement behaviors while under the LED lighting and overall they displayed the lowest engagement behaviors under the fluorescent lighting condition.

Analysis revealed that students with developmental disabilities displayed the most difference in engagement behaviors between the lighting types with more engagement behaviors displayed under the LED lighting condition.