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Oklahoma State University

Student Quotes

Student Quotes 

DHM offers the only Sustainable Design minor on campus, comprised primarily of month long short courses. While any student on campus can earn this minor all DHM majors are required to take 3 short courses. The first of these is titled “Wicked Problems of Industrial Practice”. Students are introduced to wicked problems, complex issues that defy complete definition, for which there can be no final solution, as solutions generate further issues. The problem is not morally wicked but is difficult to wrestle with. Below are quotes from freshmen after experiences in this short course where it is required to “unplug” to critically think on these issues!

My first week in Wicked Problems made me step back and reflect on what is happening in the World around us. I learned what a wicked problem was and how they are impacting the world and everyone in it. Wicked problems are very complex and can be difficult to understand, I am still trying to wrap my head around all the problems we had discussed this week.


She is awesome! And very helpful.





She is very involved and makes sure she emails her students to ask them questions about why they did or did not do something


Very much enjoyed the research aspect she incorporated into projects. Added a new dimension to projects previous studios were missing. More realistic.


In class this week, my eyes were opened wide to what I feel like a good majority of society has chosen to ignore or are oblivious to.