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October 2019

State Co-Parenting Team Garners Two Big Awards

Co-Parenting Team Garners Two Big Awards

The State Co-Parenting Team, including Matt Brosi, Ron Cox, Katey Masri and Brooke Montoya, won two big awards at the annual NEAFCS conference recently in Hershey, Pennsylvania. The group’s entry in the Communications Educational Curriculum Package category, Co-Parenting for Resilience: A Trauma Informed Approach to Overcoming the Challenges of Divorce took first place as both the national winner and the southern region winner. In addition, the same materials also captured first nationally and first in the southern region in the Human Development/Family Relationships Award category. Congratulations to these Fab 4!

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October 2019

Fire Safety Tips for Multigenerational Households

Fire Safety Tips for Multigenerational Households

To make sure your home is ready in the event of a fire emergency, Peek said there are some things families need to do now.

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