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November 2018 

Handling Forced Affection During The Holidays

Handling Forced Affection During The HolidaysThe holiday season is a time for many Oklahomans to see extended family and friends. In some cases, those family members from afar come here to visit, while other families pack their bags to head out on a holiday adventure.

For some children, these visits can mean lots of hugs and kisses from well-meaning family members and friends, said Laura Hubbs-Tait, Oklahoma State University Cooperative Extension parenting specialist..

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October 2018 

Healthy Eating for the HolidaysHealthy Eating for the Holidays

The holiday season is a time to bring out old family favorite recipes for sweet treats, homemade pies and savory dishes like buttery mashed potatoes and herbed stuffing. While some of these foods may not be great for the waist line, following a few simple tips will help you eat healthy during the holidays and still enjoy your favorite foods.

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