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Oklahoma State University

Farm to You

Farm to You

Farm to You is a 40’ x 40’ enclosed walk-through exhibit with nine stations. This interactive adventure is designed to involve kindergarten through 6th-grade students in learning how foods from the farm are used by their bodies for good health.

At each station students spend about six minutes participating in activities and learning about the relationships between agriculture, food and health. 

Farm to You Objectives:
 Children will learn that farms provide food for good health.

 Children will learn to use food labels to make healthy choices.

 Children will learn about the digestive system.

 Children will learn the importance of physical activity and personal hygiene to good health.

 Children’s eating and health behaviors will improve.

 Awareness will increase among parents, school personnel and community members about the importance of teaching children healthy habits.


Farm to You is made possible by: 


SW Dairy
OSU Extension
Nutritional Sciences
Fresh Start