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Oklahoma State University


children listening to volunteer at on the stations

There is no cost for Farm to You to attend your school, but there are a few requirements:

  • A clean, indoor space of 40 by 40 foot with an 11 foot ceiling height
  • A minimum of 250 students to participate on exhibit day
    • While Farm to You is generally set up at one school, the exibit can be set up in a convenient location where several schools can participate.
  • Volunteers to be recruited by school
    • Minimum of 8 volunteers for set up day
    • Minimum of 12 volunteers for exhibit day and tear down
    • Past volunteers include parents, grandparents, high school students, 4-H Jr. Leaders, 4-H volunteers, FFA members, community members, college students, nursing students, PTA volunteers and Oklahoma Home and Community Education volunteers