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Oklahoma State University


There is no cost to your school or organization, but there are a few things you will need to provide.

An indoor space large enough to accommodate the 40’ x 40’ exhibit and with a ceiling 13 feet or higher.

 Approximately 250 (and a maximum of 450) students to participate in Farm to You on a school day.

 8-10 volunteers (adults or high school students) are needed to set up and take down the exhibit. No children should be present.

 10 volunteers are needed to be station presenters. The more enthusiastic the presenter, the more the children will enjoy and remember. Parents, 4-H’ers, 4-H volunteers, Oklahoma Home and Community Education members, community residents, college students and high school juniors and seniors are great for this important role.

 To schedule please go to the contact tab and locate your local county extension office.