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Oklahoma State University


Oklahoma is among the top ten most unhealthy states in America.

Your Opportunity to Make a Difference:
To help change the current direction of unhealthy living toward which many
of Oklahoma’s youth are headed, while also making an impact on Oklahoma’s
educational, agricultural and health industries, please consider a gift to the Farm to You exhibit and program. Your gift will have a great impact on the future health of our state.

Building Momentum
The Oklahoma State University Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural
Resources is demonstrating their support and dedication to this project by providing a lead cash gift and in-kind support of more than $50,000 to make the project a reality. In addition, several commodity, community and state agency partners followed up with start-up funds. However, additional funds to maintain, enhance and extend the exhibit’s reach are needed to accomplish the project’s goal of making a healthy impact on Oklahoma’s youth and its future. These monies will cover longterm operating costs and ongoing expenses such as fuel and travel.

Current Sponsorship Levels are:

$50,000 & above donor’s logo presented on the exhibit,
van and parent newsletter
$25,000 - $49,999

donor’s name listed on the van
and parent newsletter

$15,000 - $24,999 donor’s name listed on the parent newsletter
and accompanying marketing materials

Yet, any gift made to the project is welcome and greatly appreciated!
To make a gift, please contact Kathy McNally at
(405) 744-4170 or

Exhibiting Change:
A multi-level approach including education, environment and role-modeling has proven effective for changing behavior. We strive to instill the importance of proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle in Oklahoma’s youth and lay the foundation needed to change our state’s health and ranking.

The Farm to You exhibit and project is more than simply educating students on
the agricultural and consumption process; it is an avenue to provide an overall
healthy approach to life. This, in turn, will benefit educational organizations as
research demonstrates that students who practice healthy eating habits perform
better in school; Oklahoma commodity organizations by linking local agriculture
with the potential of increasing sustainability of Oklahoma farmers; and health care organizations through the promotion of healthy food choices which could decrease diet-related illnesses and reduce health care costs later in life.

Program Impact:
Similar programs have been implemented in bordering states with great success. Formal research studies show that students who are exposed to the educational exhibit are twice as willing to consume healthier foods.

For more information on giving to Farm to You visit the Oklahoma State University Foundation at or contact Kathy McNally.