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Oklahoma State University

CNEP Success Stories

cnep classroom

Last year, CNEP & OCES leveraged state monies to bring $3.7 million in federal nutrition education program funds to the state, resulting in an estimated health care savings of more than $26 million from the prevention of nutrition-related chronic diseases & conditions among Oklahoma citizens by reducing medical costs and an increase in worker productivity (less sick days).

Here's what Oklahomans are saying about CNEP. * Quotes published as submitted.


From a 3rd grade teacher
“I have a little girl, very tiny who wasn’t a good eater (finicky)…..and now since doing this program, she often eats everything on her tray at lunch and when she doesn’t eat everything, she does try some of what she doesn’t like so she has become open to trying new tastes. Thank you!”



 From an adult participant
“I appreciate the OSU Extension Service, especially [my NEA], for her hard work and dedication... I enjoy meeting each week and learning more about nutrition, food safety and food resource management. I encourage everyone to find out more about CNEP and the other programs offered by the OSU Extension Agency (located inside the courthouse). I know that others will thoroughly enjoy the interactive approach and the wonderful recipes offered weekly.”



From an alternative school participant
“I had fun. I didn’t like to lisen because you were talking about some of my favorite food like pizza, hanbarger, mac-cheese, and sweet’s. My aunt lost 50 lbs because I told her about this New Mypryamid thing she was happy when showd her it. My Dad just loved to hear about it he wighs about 350 he is trying so hard to eat prowperly. My family thanks you for teaching me. I really needed that. My family wanted you to send us more stuff about it once again. 
Thank you.”



From a CNEP Participant
"I am a mother of two adult children and five grandchildren. Since starting the nutrition program I am learning and applying healthier eating habits. My mother died in February 2009 of complications from diabetes. My 39-year-old son, who weighs over 500 pounds, is already borderline diabetic. We’re Native American Indians and we ate lots of traditional foods. Since starting the program I not longer drink six Cokes a day. I drink diet soda now. I shop different, looking for vegetables and fresh fruit, also whole grain foods. My son now is enrolled in the program too. We enjoy our class and look forward to her new ideas of eating at home or at restaurants, plus our teacher is great. She is patient with us and we enjoy her company."



From a 4th grade student
“Thank you for teaching the class about nutrition and the proper way how to wash your hands because before that day I washed my hands a different way and now when I wash my hands I wash them the proper way so thank you and I hope you visit the class again.”



From a CNEP Participant
When I first started this class, I weighed more than I ever had before and was eating wrong. I was also afraid that I was teaching my son bad eating habits. As I went through this class, I found some easy ways to make good food. I learned to watch what I eat and how to prepare my food. During this program, I lost 27 pounds and I have lots more energy. I can also see an improvement in my son’s energy level as well."