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Oklahoma State University

CNEP Success Stories

cnep classroom

Here's what Oklahomans are saying about CNEP.

  • Adult Makes Big Changes to Influence Children

“During the lessons I had with the paraprofessional I learned so many skills and tips that I am already including at home.  We are eating more meals at home as a family with fruits and veggies covering half our plates.  My favorite lessons were making low sodium seasoning together to take home and trying out all the yummy recipes that I received at each lesson.  Now I feel more confident when shopping for healthier groceries for my family to cook at home, because now I know how to read the nutrition label more efficiently.  Having so many visual lessons caught my attention and stuck with me the most.  Like the ones showing the amount of sugar in cereals and amount of fats in certain foods.  Some were surprising but definitely an eye opener of what we are consuming on a daily basis.  What I learned I can teach to my children and set a better example for them to follow in their nutrition.  This was a great experience and I will be recommending it to families and friends.”  – Tulsa Unit

  • NEA Reports Adult Impact

After learning about food safety, the participant [told] us that she does not thaw food on the counter anymore.  She’s also started thinking about making healthy choices when she plans meals for her family and has started reading food labels. – Kiamichi Unit

  • Teacher Compliments Youth Program

“My kids have started to ask to do more activity on days they don't have P.E. to reach their 60 minutes. They've also mentioned talking at home to parents about wanting their plate to have 1/2 fruits and veggies.”  – Oklahoma Unit

  • NEA Reports Youth Impacts

After the youth nutrition lessons, ALL of [the] students were able to name all 6 essential nutrients: fat, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and water and could provide information about their role in the body. [A] Student also [reported] trying to eat healthier foods more often such as "strawberries, bananas, broccoli, and peaches." Another student [said], "Thank you for teaching us nutrition. I eat my veggies now all because of you." – Northwest Unit

  • Youth Making Changes Impacts Family

[A] participant said he has been counting minutes of physical activity and encouraging his mother to walk 20 minutes with him each evening. He reports his family feels better and hopes to make changes in their meals as well.  – Pontotoc Unit

  • Adult’s Small Changes Makes Big Impact

During the course of the nutrition lessons, the client came to a realization that she could make some small changes and have a big impact on her overall health. She decided it was time to start taking care of herself more. She started to reduce her soda and "junk food" intake and continues to do so. She is paying more attention to her food choices overall. Being able to successfully make these changes also motivated her to start riding her bicycle to lose weight. She even decided to start looking for a job. The client is proud of the changes she has made so far, and she is excited to continue her journey to a healthier lifestyle.  – Northwest Unit

  • NEA Impacts Family

"I worked with the mother and daughter of the family and sometimes the son who is younger would join in.  Since starting the program, the daughter has been maintaining her weight, which she hasn't been able to do.  The whole family is trying new recipes on their own and learning to make healthier versions of their favorite recipes.  They are now learning how to incorporate all the food groups in their meals and using portion control.  They reported that the doctors are happy with [the daughter’s] progress and are hopeful that with continued efforts her health conditions will get better. Her mother was happy to say that the program has not only helped her daughter but the whole family.”  – Okmulgee Unit