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Carol Laverty

Laverty lectures

I have taught Character Counts using Character Critters for 13 years to 250 students each year, 78 times per year.  The school administration and the teachers will not let this program stop, as they all feel that it has made a difference in the lives of the Laverne students.

I chose to be a FCS educator as I was very passionate  about teaching home economics to all students as I graduated from college in 1972 and began my first job in Custer County.  I knew that the success of families was teaching them how to be successful.

My passion starts with the youth in the county to provide opportunities for them to learn life skills that will enable them have a good life as they become adults.  It has been thrilling to watch the youth bring their families back home as they become adults, and they desire to raise their families here in Harper County.


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