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Karen Armbruster


Karen doing workshop

Program Highlight:  Serving in a two-staff county for 33 years has it rewards and challenges in which both rewards and challenges are met as the FCS Extension Educator  works primarily in three areas:  Serving the educational needs of the county clientele, serving as an Advisor for the OHCE organization, with 70 members, as well as serving as the county 4-H Program Leader, with over 150 members.  The FCS Extension Educator also shares the 4-H programming responsibilities with the Agriculture Extension Educator, working as a team to keep an active and involved membership of youth and adult volunteers.   

Karen enjoys working with youth and adults in the areas of Health, Nutrition and Wellness as well as in the Family Resiliency areas.  In 2013, Karen will have completed two “eight week long” sessions of the Arthritis Foundation Land Exercise Program with the residents of the Homestead Assisted Living Facility in Alva, she presents monthly Nutrition Education programs at the local nutrition sight and works closely with the Woods Co. Coalition to ensure low-income residents of Woods County receive seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables in their monthly food boxes.  Karen maintains a presence in three county newspapers with timely nutrition and wellness articles as well as on the Woods Co. OCES website.

Karen also enjoys presenting anti-bullying programs in area elementary schools.  The “Take A Stand Against Bullying” program has been well-received, including a request from the Alva Elementary School Principal to use the “Take a Stand” program in over 20 classrooms in 2013.

Why Did Karen choose to be in FCS Extension? Because of Karen’s desire to work “informally” with the public, both young and “not young”, in an array of educational topics, unlike being a formal classroom teacher.  Every day is a different day in the life of an Extension employee!

Why is Karen passionate about her work? Like all Extension employees, she considers herself a “people person” and loves keeping the tradition and the mission of the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service alive to truly make a difference in the families we serve.

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