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 Stacy Jones

Stacey Jones, Wagoner County Extension Educator, FCS /4-H

Stacey is on the Risky Behavior, Health, and Finances Issue Teams to help the people of Wagoner County with these problems. She teaches a variety of programs, such as, Organwise Guys, Land Arthritis Exercise Program, Tai Chi, Birth Control, Co-Parenting for Resilience, Overcoming Obstacles, Making Sense of Money Management, Baby Care Workshop, Active Parenting, Diabetes Education, and Estate Planning. She also presents canning, sewing, and baking at 4-H Summer Camps. Stacey has been with OCES for 3 years, beginning September 2013.

Out of all of these programs, the one that stands out the most to Stacey is her Birth Control Program. She was asked by one of the local high school counselors if she would present this topic at their Health fair. With the help of Dr. Ron Cox, they put together a fairly informational program and evaluation to see if the participants were going to use it. Since the inception of this program, the adolescents have used this knowledge and teen pregnancy has decreased in that area. The birth control program is now at two schools and reaches over 200 children.

Another program that is close to her heart is the Co-Parenting for Resilience. Stacey is a child of divorce and her parents did all ten of the things that should not be done. By teaching this class, she feels as if she is empowering the parents of the class to help make their children’s lives better. Stacey knows that divorce is hard on everyone involved and that is why she tries to help them through this tough time.

Stacey chose to be in Family and Consumer Sciences because it came naturally to her. She enjoys not only the cooking and baking, but food preservation as well. Because Stacey enjoys doing these things, the classes and subject matter have been easy for her to absorb. She chose to go into OCES because of the opportunity to teach her love of cooking and a healthy diet to others in her community. Stacey is truly blessed to be in this wonderful community and help enrich the lives of those around her.

Educator working with kids

Educator working with kids

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