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September 2018 

Co-Parenting: The Unique Role of Fathers

Co-Parenting: The Unique Role of FathersNo matter how often dads see their children after divorce or separation, there are specific things that can not only build the relationship between fathers and their children, but help children cope with stressors related to their new routines.


September 2018

Be food safe 

Be Food SafeFour easy lessons to prevent harmful bacteria from making your family sick. 

September 2018 

Fake Facts about Food SafetyFake food safety

Myths about food safety and how to reduce your foodborne illness risk

September 2018

Cozy up to cold weather by preparing your home for fall and winterCozy Up to Cold

It should not be too long until Oklahomans feel that distinct crispness in the air, which points to the arrival of college football season, otherwise known as fall.

2018 OHCE State MeetingOHCE

OHCE's 83rd annual meeting was fun and informative! Check out our photo albums and resources:

Professional photos

OHCE 2017-18 member activities

Awards Ceremony presentation

The above links will take you to the photo albums on our Facebook page. Share with others, and "plant the seeds of OHCE!"

Summer 2018

Hydration is essential, especially during summer.

Staycation article

Everyone looks forward to summer vacation and spending more time outdoors. However, Oklahoma’s extreme temperatures can easily put you at risk for dehydration. It is very easy to underestimate how much water you need to drink to stay properly hydrated, especially when you are on the on vacation, said Janice Hermann, Oklahoma State University nutrition specialist.

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Summer 2018

Summer vacation doesn't always mean plane tickets and passports! One of the highlights of summer for many families is taking a vacation. Take a good look in or around your hometown and chances are you will find something for your family...

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May 2018        lady-falling-on-ice

Promoting resilience with the United We Can! program

Our population is continuing to grow. What is different from past growth is that over the next 50 years, estimates suggest 88 percent of the United States’ population growth will be from immigrants and their offspring. For more information, go to


May 2018

Let's be active!

Did you know May is National Physical Fitness Month? Here you can find a few exercises you can do to be more active.


Early trailblazers helped ensure Extension serves all Oklahomans

February 2018       

For more than 100 years, the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service has been fulfilling its mission of enhancing the lives of all Oklahomans.  

February is American Heart Month

February 2018

February is a month filled with love, cupids and hearts
full of chocolates. But it also is a time to take a good
look at your heart health.

Decluttering your home for the holidays

December 2017

With the holiday season in full swing, many Oklahomans are making the trip to the attic or storage building to bring out the decorations. Boxes of ornaments, wreaths, the family heirloom nativity set and other items are a must for your holiday decorating.

Serving up cookbooks as holiday gifts

December 2017

Wondering what to get the foodie on your holiday list? Or perhaps you are stumped on what to give the hard-to-shop-for friend or family member. Our OSU Cooperative Extension food specialist, Dr. Barbara Brown, may have the answer for you!

Peek’s grant leads to healthy homes app

October 2017Kids Screen Time

Oklahoma State University associate professor in design, housing and merchandising and housing and consumer specialist Gina Peek spurred the development of a mobile phone app to identify home health hazards.

Four members who were recognized recently for completing 20 years of service to The Botanic Garden at OSU are Joyce McKee, Judy Henderson, Carol Solick and Merry Alexander, all of Stillwater. They were honored with a personalized brick on the Walk of Fame at the garden located west of Stillwater.

Lincoln County Extension helps Iowa Tribe youth learn how cool pumpkins (and the kids themselves) really are       

November 2017                                                                                           Kids Screen Time

TRYON, Oklahoma – Kitchen safety, good nutrition, gardening for food and Native American history were all on the menu Nov. 14 as Iowa Tribe youth working with the Lincoln County Extension Office used the making of pumpkin bread to develop lifelong skills while learning more about themselves and America’s native tribes in the process. 





Kids Screen Time Oklahoma school nutrition professionals earn a chance to work with trained chef

September 2017

School nutrition professionals from 15 Oklahoma schools and school districts will team up with a trained chef this summer to cook up fresher, tastier cafeteria offerings and whip up a sweeter overall dining experience.


4-H Bean Supper and Carnival going strong for 39 years 

October 2017flood damaged vehicles

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma left a wide path of destruction across Texas and Florida. Now that the forceful winds are dying down, cities and towns in both states are dealing with massive flooding.

STILLWATER, Okla. – The Oklahoma 4-H Youth Development Program is steeped in history. The program itself started in 1909. State 4-H Roundup, the largest 4-H event in the state, began in 1921. It is easy to see 4-H history runs deep in the roots of Oklahoma.

Kids Screen Time A fresh approach to fighting hunger

September 2017

Jeff Marlow can tell you 100 different ways to repurpose that rotisserie chicken you picked up at the local grocery store.

Co-parenting class helps show dads the importance of reading to kids

August 2017

What happens when you combine some children’s books with helpful, research-based information and put it all in a fun, handmade book bag made from a recycled t-shirt?

Protecting your skin from the sun 

July 2017

Getting in a little fun in the sun is a summertime treat, but protecting your skin from exposure to ultraviolet rays while outdoors is no laughing matter.

Pay attention to children’s media use during the summer

July 2017

With summer’s arrival and the less hectic pace it brings for families compared to the school year, it may be tempting for parents to allow children to watch a little more television or play that video game a little longer.