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Oklahoma State University

Leader Lessons

2019 OHCE State Leader Lessons (planned)

Finding affordable and free fun things for Seniors to do in Oklahoma
Steps to a healthy brain
Aging -- Kick it in gear! Embracing aging
Managing Change through Effective Leadership: Adapting to Changes in Organizational Leadership


2018 OHCE State Leader Lessons

What to do if...? Helpful Tips for Conflict Resolution (Leadership Development) - Dr. Mike Stout
Do you ever have challenging situations or conflicts that arise during meetings? Is it affecting morale and productivity? In this interactive workshop we'll explore ways to use leadership skills and small group facilitation to diffuse tensions and get the meeting back on track. Learn to be confident, resolve issues in a positive manner, and keep your meeting on track with the methods and guidance provided in this State Leader Lesson. Handouts and tips for mediating conflict will be provided to all in attendance.

2018 OHCE District Leader Lessons

Hints for Writing Reports (Leadership Development) - Sandy Pogue, OHCE Awards and Reports Chair and Doris Johnston, Leadership Development Committee
OHCE Award Book (PowerPoint file)
Criteria for Report Book Entries
Judging Sheet -- Criteria for Judging OHCE Program of Work
Reports Help
Committee Reports Activity
Reports Help Notes and Visuals
Family Mental Health and Opioid Addiction (Family Issues) - Dr. Matt Brosi and team
Preventing an Opioid Overdose - Tip Card
Family Mental Health and Opioid Addiction (PowerPoint file)



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