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For Parents

Cooperative Extension offers parents an array of classes to help you be the best parent that you can be and ensure that your children will grow up to their fullest potential. Our Extension Family and Consumer Sciences educators offer three Active Parenting programs:

For a parenting class near you visit our calendar of Extension classes. Or contact an educator in your county.

For example of classes see the Extension webpage for Seminole County and learn about Seminole County FCS Extension Educator, Megan Anderson.

Raising Oklahoma Videos


Role Reversal: Teaching Skills to Your Teens so They Can Teach You

Dealing with Teenagers: Good Career Explorations and Decisions

Disconnecting from the Phone

“Shark Music” and Summer with the Kids

Communicating with your Teen

Welcoming a New Arrival

Helping Older Siblings get Used to a New Baby

How to Teach Your Children to Say I’m Sorry and Mean It 

Parenting Children of All Ages

Reducing Sibling Fights Over the Holidays and Throughout the Year

Helping Children be Money Wise at All Ages

Early Childhood

Helping Children Cope with Relatives Who Want to Hug and Kiss Them  

How to Help Children Who are Afraid to Go to Sleep

Reading to a Baby

Child Behavior and the First Five Years

Reducing Misbehavior

Emotion Coaching 

Infant Sling Safety 

Adolescence (Active Parenting of Teens)

Preparing for the Teen and Emerging Adult Years

From Teens to Adults

Navigating the Teen Years: Support and Discipline 

Using Logical Consequences 

Family Meetings and Talking to your Teen

Positive I-Messages and Palms-Up Approach to Keep the Holidays Positive

Tech awareness with teens

Tech awareness with teens part 2

Helping Children with Disasters

Healthy Ways to Cope with Disaster & Adversity with Kids

Filtering Disasters & Tragedies

Parent Education in Oklahoma Communities

Presentation slides

The Science Behind Parenting

Our parenting programs are based on high quality research and best practices that are proven to work. Our Human Scientists and Parenting Specialists in charge of these programs are:

State Parenting Specialists

Laura Tait

Laura Hubbs-Tait, Ph.D.

Regents Professor
Human Development and Family Science
Oklahoma State University – Stillwater campus

Amanda Morris

Amanda Morris, Ph.D.

George Kaiser Family Foundation Endowed Chair in Child Development
Human Development and Family Science
Oklahoma State University – Tulsa Campus