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OSU Care Consultation


OSU Care Consultation is a program that acts as a compass, guiding families through the caregiving journey. We call it “Coaching”… and it’s more than a one-time resource or referral call. The consultant gets to know the client and their situation. Contact is mutually arranged to meet specific needs!

OSU Care Consultation is not: counseling, in-person assistance, home health care, or someone to take over your caregiving responsibilities. We are NOT selling anything or sharing information for any other purpose.

There are services that can help. But where are those resources and which ones are most helpful? The amount of information is overwhelming. Care Consultants act as a bridge and provide information needed to make informed decisions. Care Consultation helps families learn about services that match a situation and get connected!

Appointments are done by phone, so calls can be done at home or on the go. Email and mail are also used to share information as arranged by the CC(Care Consultant) and client.  While OSU Care Consultation has variable hours, someone will always return contact in less than 24 hours. OSU Care Consultants help families develop a step-by-step plan specific to each individual journey.

Call us at 405-744-8350
Email us at

This service is free and available statewide.

Support is provided through the Clark Gerontology Fund of Oklahoma State University and administered in partnership with the Benjamin Rose Institute – meaning it’s FREE!