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2017 FCS Highlights

Family & Consumer Sciences Extension Educators work through statewide issue teams to address health and hunger; safety and environment; finance, jobs and employment; and family and child resilience.

Fighting Obesity

Thirty-four percent of Oklahoma youth 10-17
years-old are overweight or obese. After learning
how to cook and choose healthier foods,

53% plan to cook many of the foods they eat at home.

"Most of the teens had never used a paring knife or read a recipe.
After each class, they wanted to know what we were going to cook next and were waiting for me to arrive next week.”


Promoting Financial

16.7% of Oklahomans live below the poverty
level and 11% have no bank account. Low-income adult participants gained valuable
life skills. Participant evaluation data show a 75% increase in both tracking income and spending and confidence in financial future.
“During this program I learned how to budget for the first
time and I managed to save $20.00. That’s more than I’ve
ever been able to save in my life!”

Creating Healthy Home Environments

Oklahoma ranks third for federally declared disasters. Youth who are prepared to respond to emergencies will be less fearful. Evaluation data show over 82% of youth know how to stay safe in their home during severe weather. 


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2016 Impacts by County  2017 Impacts by County coming soon!

2017 EFNEP (Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program)

2017 Oklahoma SNAP-Ed Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education


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