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Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service Southwest District Family & Consumer Sciences Program Highlights

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Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service Southwest District Family & Consumer Sciences Program Highlights

South West County

The Southwest District is comprised of 20 counties located south of I-40 and West of I-35. Of the 20 counties,9 are staffed with 2 educators having dual responsibilities for FCS (50% FTE) and 4-H (50% FTE). Eleven counties are staffed with three or more educators. Three of the FCS Educators in the SW District also serve as County Extension Directors, (CED). The Farm-to-You Exhibit is housed in the district. The SW District office is located in the town of Duncan in Stephens County. District office staff includes:

  • Claude Bess, District Director
  • Gloria King, FCS Program Specialist
  • Kimbreley Davis, 4-H Program Specialist
  • Kelli Barnett, District Administrative Assistant



Gloria KingSW District FCS Program Specialist – Gloria King, PH 580-255-3674 Educator Since 1999
Gloria is the SW District Program Specialist for Family Consumer Sciences (FCS).  She is headquartered at the District Director's office in Duncan.  Major responsibilities include new educator orientation, leadership development, program development, visibility and reporting, time management, plan of work development and evaluation, professional development, Civil Rights compliance, and working with advisory councils and coalitions.



Community Nutrition Education Programs – Area Coordinators supervise and train paraprofessionals across a multi-county unit. Paraprofessionals, or Nutrition Education Assistants (NEAs), teach nutrition education to limited income families.

Comanche Unit – Angela HowardComanche Unit – Angela Howard, PH 580-355-1045 580-355-1045, FTE: 100% Area Coordinator, Educator Since 2013. This unit covers Comanche, Caddo, Stephens & Jackson Counties. There are 7 NEA positions in the Comanche Unit.





Oklahoma Unit – Debbie Bell Oklahoma Unit – Debbie Bell PH 405-713-1125 FTE: 100% Area Coordinator, Educator, 2011. This unit covers Oklahoma, Grady & Cleveland Counties. There are 10 NEA positions in the Oklahoma Unit.