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Oklahoma State University


Future Students


College of Human Sciences – Oklahoma State University

The PETE Project

Welcome Week

  • Attend Welcome Week activities.
  • Attend Human Sciences Welcome Reception and OSU Convocation.

Make Academic Success a Priority

  • Participate in tutoring sessions as needed to maintain required grades in all courses.
  • Establish a positive relationship with each of your instructors by introducing yourself to each instructor after the first or second class session. Attend class regularly and arrive on time. Submit assignments on time. Stay engaged in the class activities/content. Avoid distractions and avoid distracting other students from class learning experiences.
  • Learn each instructor’s office hours and make appointments to meet with instructors when needed.
  • The P★E★T★E Project will host program sessions during the fall and spring semester to support student success. Participation in these sessions is expected of participants.
  • A 3.0 group GPA goal for P★E★T★E Project participants. Every member of the community (students and SAMs) will strive to help the community meet the group GPA goal.
  • Actively participate in the Academic Challenge program led by the Student Academic Mentors (SAMs) and College of Human Sciences Staff.
  • Follow the Student Conduct Code of Oklahoma State University, OSU Residential Life rules/regulations and professional behavioral expectations of the College of Human Sciences. Make sound, professional choices and refrain from participation in personal activities that will negatively impact student conduct status and academic success status.

Involvement and Service

  • Join and participate in a major-focused or college-level (i.e. College of Human Sciences) student organization and attend club meetings.
  • Participate in service learning and volunteer projects with fellow participants.


  • Attend and actively participate in BIG group PETE Project meetings during the fall and spring semesters. These sessions are held on Sunday evenings.
  • Attend and actively participate in small group PETE Project meetings during the fall and spring semesters. Each small group will decide these meeting times after forming. 

Community Connections

  • Attend and participate in activities focused on forming connections with other group members.

Ongoing Participation

  • Students who fail to focus on academic success, fail to continue meeting the PETE Project expectations, violate rules/policies of the PETE Project, and/or fail to participate in required activities will be required to move out of the first floor of West Commons.