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Oklahoma State University

Allied Health

Future Students

What Can I Study? — Allied Health

About the Program

Nutrition plays an essential role in human health.  Students who are interested in the sciences About the programand desire to make a difference in human lives will find that healthcare fields are excellent opportunities for meaningful careers.  The Allied
Health program is the gateway for admission to various professional school programs related to healthcare, in fields such
as chiropractic, nursing, pharmacy, physician’s assistants, physical therapy and other related fields.  Prerequisite courses required for admission to these professional schools are included in the Allied Health program requirements.  While some health-related professional schools do not require a bachelor’s degree for 
admission, students are strongly encouraged to earn a baccalaureate degree to maximize their future career opportunities. 


Example Alumni Career Paths                                                                               

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7Years                                 5Years


For more information about the Allied Health program click HERE.