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Interior Design

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What Can I Study? — Interior Design

About the Program

Students interested in how spaces inside commercial buildings and residences are planned and how that planning affects human behavior find Interior Design to be a perfect fit. Students learn how to identify and address functional requirements in a variety of building types, including residences, hotels, restaurants, retail stores, galleries and showrooms, offices and other spaces. Courses focus on physical dimensions, which include space requirements, human factors, and codes and regulations. Other courses address the psychological dimension affected by design elements and principles such as color, scale, proportion and balance. Graphic techniques, including drafting, sketching and rendering as well as the most up-to-date computer technology, enable students to present design solutions to real clients and to complete a professional internship with practicing professionals.

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Example Alumni Career Paths

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ID 9 yearsInterior Desgin 4 yearsInterior Design 13 years

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