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Technology Requirements

Computer Requirements

Computers are a rapidly changing technology, so recommendations made today will seem antiquated tomorrow. The recommendations that follow are only a starting point, a computer professional or technician will be able to make the most of your computer investment by tailoring your system to your personal needs.

Buying a New Computer?

If you are looking to buy a new system with taking courses from Oklahoma State University and/or GPIDEA in mind, the system should have these minumum features:
Recommended System Requirements 
Pentium® 4 at 2GHz or higher 
512 Megabytes of RAM or more
40 GB hard drive or larger 
Windows® XP 
Broadband Internet Connection or 56k modem as a minimum
Sound card and speakers 
CD-ROM and DVD-ROM drives

Already have a Computer?

If you already own a system and want to know if it will work for Oklahoma State University or GPIDEA courses, you will need to meet these minimum requirements:
Minimum System Requirements 
Pentium® II 1.5 GHz
128 Megabytes of RAM 
Windows® 2000 or XP
Video at 800x600 at 256 colors 
Modem with a minimum transfer rate of 56 Kbps. 
Sound card and speakers 
CD-ROM drive 

Older Systems may be functional, but their poor performance may impair your educational experience.

What do I need in order to do the coursework for a World Wide Web Course?

You need Internet access and an e-mail account, both of which can be obtained through an Internet service provider.

When do I need to acquire access to the Internet? 

You should have your modem, e-mail address and Internet access in working order before the beginning of the course.

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