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Enrollment in the Child Development Laboratory implies that parents understand and support the purposes of a laboratory setting and are willing to let their child participate in research studies determined to be appropriate for the individual child. The Child Development Laboratory approves a variety of research projects to be conducted in the program. These projects include faculty and student research on topics such as child growth and development, curriculum development, assessment and screening, effective instructional practices, and literacy development. The OSU Institutional Review Board approves all research projects. Parents receive information about research activities that involve their child. After reading the information about a study, parents have the right to determine if their child’s participation is appropriate and may request that their child not participate.

Following is a description of current research studies being conducted at the Child Development Laboratory:

Child, Family, and School Influences on Developmental Outcomes of Young Children with and without Disabilities Project Investigator: Dr. Amy Tate, Human Development & Family Science. The overarching goal of the study is to explore the physical, cognitive, and social-emotional development of children with and without disabilities who are attending the program. In doing so, the following specific aims will be met: (1) to examine the impact of RISE School attendance on the development of children with and without disabilities; (2) to examine the effects of RISE program attendance on family functioning; and (3) to examine the effects of RISE program classroom participation on the beliefs and practices of OSU Early Childhood Education teacher candidates (i.e., early childhood education majors).  Through an initial pilot study and a more comprehensive, longitudinal study, much-needed research on the development of young children with and without disabilities and their families will be generated.

RISE School of Stillwater Findings Reported for OK Legislature: