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Oklahoma State University

Community Partners

Community Partners are local, national or international organizations who have a presence in Oklahoma and whose purpose is broadly to aid individuals, couples, or families reduce risk factors and increase resilience.

Community organizations are nominated to become CFR Community Partners by a Research Associate or by self-nomination. Potential community partners are asked to fill out an application, which will be reviewed by the CFR Board of Directors.

Responsibilities and functions of CFR Community Partners may include:

  • To partner with the CFR in the development of research, outreach, and evaluation projects
  • To collaborate with the CFR in
    • Grant writing
    • Program development,
    • Access to populations served for research and program evaluation,
  • To be a member of a CFR Workgroup,
  • To co-sponsor with CFR in-service trainings and educational events,
  • To provide a site for internship experiences for graduate and undergraduate students,
  • To participate in regular CFR community needs assessment,

CFR Community Partners

  • The Salvation Army
  • TCC Upward Bound TRIO Program
  • Resonance Center for Women, Inc.
  • Tulsa City-County Library System
  • Camp Fire USA Green Country Council
  • Counseling and Recovery Services of Oklahoma (formerly Associated Centers for Therapy)
  • YWCA Tulsa
  • Owasso Community Resources
  • Oklahoma Parents as Teachers
  • Oklahoma Afterschool Network
  • New Hope Camp, Inc.
  • Tulsa Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy
  • Oklahomans Against Trafficking Humans
  • Sand Springs Community Services
  • Tulsa County Juvenile Bureau
  • Community Action Head Start
  • The Parent Child Center of Tulsa
  • Operation Aware of Oklahoma
  • Mental Health Association in Tulsa, Inc.
  • Planned Parenthood/Oklahoma Health Equity Initiative
  • TARC
  • Daybreak Family Services
  • Emergency Infant Services
  • Hospice of Green Country
  • Youth Services of Tulsa


CFR Workgroups

One way that the CFR is organized is in workgroups. In workgroups, CFR Research Associates, Student Affiliates, and Community Partners, come together to promote intellectual dialogue and to generate new research and outreach initiatives. Workgroups are headed by CFR Research Associates or advanced Student Affiliates (e.g., Ph.D. students) and meet regularly (at least once/semester). Workgroup meetings have as their purpose to further promote activities that reduce risk or promote resilience and should include measurable objectives and goals for each meeting. Outcomes for workgroup meetings should include ongoing research projects or outreach activities such as seminars, conferences, or professional in-service trainings to support the organization’s work. Since the workgroups are organized around measurable objectives, each workgroup should develop a timeline with a foreseeable end point. At the completion of the workgroup objectives a brief report of accomplishments and future directions should be submitted to the CFR Director.

The CFR Director and the CFR Board will help identify CFR Research Associates, Affiliates, and Community Partners who might be interested in forming a new workgroup.