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The Center for Family Resilience’s 10th annual Chautauqua is Friday, February 22, 2019.

Family Resilience and Recovery: Opioids and Other Addictions

Friday, February 22, 2019
8:00 am – 4:30 pm
Oklahoma State University - Tulsa Campus, Tulsa, OK

Conference Meeting Room:
North Hall, Room 150
Lunch will be in the BS Roberts Room in North Hall

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This year's theme is "Family Resilience and Recovery: Opioids and Other Addictions

The 2019 Chautauqua will focus on the relationship between family resilience and recovery from addiction, with a focus on opioids. Scholars will present information on etiology of substance use disorders on the family system, as well as new research on resilience in addiction recovery. Moderated panel discussions will focus on how research can be used to inform society's understanding of addiction with particular attention to solving the opioid epidemic, decreasing the prevalence of addiction, and preventing its occurrence in younger generations.

The theme for this year's Chautauqua will be Family Resilience and Recovery: Opiods and Other Addictions. This year we will feature Spencer Bradshaw, PhD, LMFT-A; Lucia Ciciolla, PhD; Bo Cleveland, JD, PhD; Hamed Ekhtiari, MD, PhD. Dayna Qato, PhD, PharmD; Jonathan Rosen, MS, CIH, FIAHA; Chris Ringwalt, PhD; Rockey Robbins, PhD; Marcia Ory, PhD, MPH; and Jennifer Hays-Grudo, PhD.


Historically, a Chautauqua was an educational gathering held on the prairies of the U.S. heartland during the turn of the century. The annual all-day OSU Chautauqua retains this spirit by gathering researchers, service providers, and policy makers around a series of research presentations centered on a common theme. The ultimate goal of the Chautauqua conference is to foster a translational approach within the study of resilience, such that practical applications for family health and well-being can be developed from basic resilience research.


CEUs will be announced.  


Questions may be directed to Dr. Amanda Harrist. We hope to see you there!

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Special thanks to OSU's Center for Wellness and Recovery for sponsoring this event alongside OSU's Center for Family Resilience.