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Academic Outcomes from Past Chautauquas

Academic Outcomes from Past Chautauquas


Book Authoritative ParentingAuthoritative Parenting: Synthesizing Nurturance and Discipline for Optimal Child Development

The participants in the 2010 Chautauqua wrote chapters that were compiled in an edited book published by APA Books:

Larzelere, R., Morris, A. S., & Harrist, A. W. (Eds.). (2012). Authoritative parenting: Synthesizing nurturance and discipline for optimal child development. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association Press. doi:10.1037/a0032505

A review of the book has been published by PsychCRITIQUES,

Click here to see an overview and table of contents; click here to order a copy.

Special issue of Family RelationsSpecial Issue - Family Relations
Interdisciplinary Approaches to Strengthening Family and Individual Resilience: Conceptual, Empirical and Practical Innovations

Many of the papers presented by participants during the 2013 Chautauqua were published in a special issue of the NCFR applied journal, Family Relations.  The issue, Co-Editied by Dr. Carolyn Henry and Dr. Mike Criss, is in print. Check out the Table of Contents.

Of the 20 most cited article in Family Relations during 2016, eight were articles published in the special issue titled "Interdisciplinary and Innovative Approaches to Strengthening Family and Individual Resilience" initiated through the Center for Family Resilience (CFR) in association with the Chautauqua. 

Emerging Issues in Family and Individual Resilience

The CFR is working with Springer Publishers to publish a book series titled, Emerging Issues and Alternative  Perspectives on Strengthening Individuals and FamiliesOne book in the series will be published annually, based on papers presented at the Conference on Family Resilience (Chautauqua).

The goals of the book series are:

  • To disseminate research-based knowledge about family resilience across academic disciplines such as family studies, human development, psychology, sociology, social work, education, religious studies, nutritional science, law, and medicine.
  • To facilitate the development of evidence-based resilience practices, programs, and policies for those working with families at risk.

Springer Book Series

Volume 1 is based on papers from the 2014 Chautauqua, and is titled Resilience among Families Facing Chronic Health Challenges: Interdisciplinary and Translational Perspectives(ISBN 978-3-319-26033-4)

Click here  to see the table of contents; click here to order a copy (paperback and eBook versions are available).

Volume 2 Cover

Volume 2 is based on papers from the 2016 Chautauqua and is titled, Family Caregiving: Fostering Resilience Across the Life Course.

Click here to see a preview, read the table of contents, or order a copy. Hardback and eBook versions are available, and chapters can be purchased individually.

Coming Soon

Volume 3 will be available soon. It is titled, Biobehavioral Markers in Risk and Resilience Research