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Oklahoma State University

Research Associates

Alex Bishop
Areas of Expertise: Subjective well-being, religiosity/spirituality, aging-in-place, gerotechnology
Populations of Interest: Centenarians, Aging Prisoners, Rural older adults, Older Care Recipients, Retired Religious Clergy

Jason Beaman
Areas of Expertise: Family murder, specifically parents who kill their children. I also focus on Arson and Psychosis.

Matthew W. Brosi
Areas of Expertise: Intimate partner violence, couple and family relationships, influence of values and beliefs on decision-making and interpersonal dynamics)

Greg Clare
Areas of Expertise: Food Recall Consumer Response, Food Recall Message Design, Nutrition Label Design, Consumer Response to Nutrition Label Information to Improve Health, Older Consumer Behavior, Circadian Rhythms, Lighting Design and Facility Interventions to Enhance Caregiver/Client Wellbeing, Food Packaging and Lighting Design

Lucia Ciciolla
Areas of Expertise: Maternal mental health; Infant mental health; Parenting; Clinical intervention; Longitudinal methodology

Ronald B. Cox, Jr.
Areas of Expertise: Co-parenting and stepfamily dynamics, adolescent high risk behavior, parenting, Latino families

Michael M. Criss
Areas of Expertise: Parenting, peer relationships, developmental change in parent-child relationship, developmental psychopathology, emotion regulation, adolescent development)

Julie Croff
Areas of Expertise: Alcohol & other drug use; Health behavior; Person-environment interaction; Underserved populations

Catherine Curtis
Areas of Expertise: Employee motivation and positive and negative deviance within hospitality organizations

Colony Fugate
Areas of Expertise: Pediatrics, pediatric obesity, pediatric chronic disease, children with developmental disabilities, inter-disciplinary collaboration

Kami L. Gallus
Areas of Expertise: Effects of trauma on women's mental health and childbearing issues, systemic dynamics of trauma and resilience)

Joseph G. Grzywacz
Areas of Expertise: Work and Family; Health Disparities; Health Behavior; Work Organization and Health; Immigrant Latino Health)

Tonya Hammer
Areas of Expertise: Body image and eating disorders, humiliation and language particularly with regard to marginalized populations, mentoring and relational cultural theory.

Amanda W. Harrist
Areas of Expertise: Parent-child and peer relations in development of child social competence; Psychosocial contexts of child obesity)

Paulette Hebert
Areas of Expertise: Lighting Design, Facility Design and Management, Sustainable Design

Carolyn S. Henry
Areas of Expertise: Families and adolescents with a focus on contexts (neighborhoods, family systems, parent-adolescent dyads) and adolescent adaptation (social, emotional, educational, risk & resilience). Interests include selected diversity issues (family structure, race/ethnicity)

Randy Hubach
Areas of Expertise: HIV/AIDS, sexual health, rural health, men who have sex with men, health disparities, LGBT population health

Aditya Jayadas
Areas of Expertise: Older individuals, addressing the needs of patients and caregivers from rural areas and low back pack in police officers

Jennifer Jones
Areas of Expertise: Services and supports (e.g., employment, residential) for individuals with intellectual disability and their family members; Social and community inclusion for individuals with intellectual disability across the lifespan (e.g., education, work place, recreation/leisure)

Robert E. (Bob) Larzelere
Areas of Expertise: Improving practical research methods in general and parental discipline

Valerie McGaha
Areas of Expertise: Depression and Suicide, Academic Achievement, Mandated Populations and Incarceration, Social Justice and Racial Reconciliation

Michael J. Merten
Areas of Expertise: Community and family factors impacting youth and young adult physical and mental health and development, family risk and resilience in disadvantaged contexts, and experiences of obesity and related health and psychosocial well-being)

Kerry Morgan
Areas of Expertise: Physical activity specialist for Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences’ Family Health and Nutrition Clinic, which is a multidisciplinary, comprehensive clinic for treating overweight and obese children

Amanda Sheffield Morris
Areas of Expertise: The socialization of emotion regulation, parenting in high risk settings, the role of emotion in the development of psychopathology

Karina M. Shreffler
Areas of Expertise: Work and family conflict, teen/unplanned pregnancy, infertility and reproductive health, demography

Mike Stout
Areas of Expertise: family and community policy, program evaluation, economic forecasting, community asset mapping, community and civic engagement

Amy Tate
Areas of Expertise: Early Childhood Education; Early Childhood Policy; Early Childhood Teacher Education)

Ginger Welch
Areas of Expertise: Child maltreatment and child neglect fatalities; psychosocial aspects of Sickle Cell Disease; developmental issues related to premature birth; assessment; trauma/PTSD

Stephan M. Wilson
Areas of Expertise: Adolescent social competence across cultures, family and other influences on youth connectedness/separateness, required adult social skills, self-esteem, and achievement, family social capital influences on developmental and status attainment outcomes