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Oklahoma State University

Amanda Williams

Amanda Williams


Areas of Interest

Psychosocial and physical health, cumulative risks and life course resilience, social media technology, program evaluation

Populations of Interest

Adolescents and emerging adults, vulnerable and homeless youth, youth athletes


Dr. Williams is an Assistant Professor of Human Development and Family Science at the University of Arkansas. Dr. Williams received her PhD in 2013 in Human Environmental Sciences from Oklahoma State University. Her interdisciplinary, mixed-method research addresses adolescent and emerging adult health and development in diverse contexts.  Specifically, she emphasizes families, communities, and digital landscapes. Her publications have investigated cascading risks and life course resilience, social media technology and digital advocacy, and evaluated community programs using nationally representative data sets, as well as locally-collected quantitative and qualitative data. Dr. Williams is particularly interested in interdisciplinary collaborations that further her research on adolescent and emerging adult longitudinal development and health outcomes and allow her to study diverse populations using multiple methodologies.